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Open Knowledge Initiative

Learning management system = Enterprise system

Technology leaders and CIOs in higher education realize that the educational software environment is a core component of the IT infrastructure. In order to integrate both traditional and innovative applications while leveraging existing enterprise systems, they require technology that does the following:

  • Scales to support an increasing workload
  • Adapts to new technologies over time
  • Integrates with the existing campus infrastructure
  • Satisfies a wide range of instructional requirements and styles
  • Enables faculty and students to concentrate on teaching and learning instead of technology

The Open Knowledge Initiative supports this vision by defining a set of fundamental services that components of the educational environment use to work together, as well as with other enterprise applications.

By focusing on modularity of services and particular dimensions of interoperability, O.K.I. Service Interface Definitions allow independent development and updating of components in a complex educational environment, and the integration of that educational environment with the enterprise infrastructure.

This leads to a number of benefits. »


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