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Open Knowledge Initiative
October 1-3, 2002

Educause 2002 Conference – Atlanta, GA

O.K.I. offers a series of informational presentations to the educational technology community.

August 8, 9, 2002

Learning Management System Summit II - Snowmass, CO

Two day meeting continuing discussions on educational tool development and its relationship to the O.K.I. framework.

August 7, 2002

O.K.I. Advisory Council Meeting - Snowmass, CO

Continued discussion on important long-term issues in the O.K.I. project.

July 17-19, 2002

O.K.I. Developers Meeting - Cambridge, MA

Discussions focus on implementations of the Common Service API's and conceptual issues involved in the Educational Service layer.

June 2002

Demo Application development

Development of demo applications begins to highlight the innovative elements of O.K.I. Common Services (Filing, Hierarchy).

May 20, 2002

Blackboard adopts O.K.I.

Blackboard announces its intention to adopt its architectural standards to O.K.I. architectural specifications.

April 29 - May 3, 2002

IMS Global Learning Consortium Meeting at MIT

The IMS Global Learning Consortium hosts its quarterly meeting and Open Technical Forums in Cambridge, MA.

April 2002

Stellar / O.K.I. rewrite begins

MIT begins work on adapting several of the O.K.I. common service API's to its Stellar Learning Management System Upcoming Events.

March 2002

Begin phased release of O.K.I. Common Service API specifications (version 0.9)

During the month of March, the O.K.I. Development Team approves the release of several Common Service API's (DBC, Shared, Authentication, Authorization, Logging, LUID) and associated documentation. See the specs »

February 16-19, 2002

O.K.I. Developers Meeting - Key West, FL

Continued development in O.K.I. architecture, including additional discussion around O.K.I. Learning Asset and O.K.I. Component layer.

Dec 3, 2001

O.K.I. Common Services Draft API's published for limited release

The Common Service API's are available to extended partners for comment in preparation for public release in February.

Nov 15, 2001

O.K.I./ADL/IMS presentation at IMS Open Tech Forum, Stanford, CA

Presentation of O.K.I. project to general IMS community, including the commercial education technology sector, around needs for common architectural directions and specifications.

Nov 12-14, 2001

O.K.I. Developers Meeting - Stanford, CA

This meeting marks the beginning of planning around "component" services APIs and further fleshing out of the
various service related requirements for defining the "Learning Asset" object model within O.K.I..

Oct 29, 2001

O.K.I. Advisory Group Meeting - EDUCAUSE, Indianapolis IN

Update on O.K.I. project is reported to O.K.I. Advisory
Group. Strategic issues are discussed; broad affirmation
and support for O.K.I. direction, scope, progress, and deliverables.

Oct 15-16, 2001

EALP Educational Tool Definition Workshop - Cambridge, MA

O.K.I.'s EALP Team organizes meeting among representatives from 25 institutions to focus and prioritize O.K.I. project scope around the immediate needs for education applications, and further define the scope of content management services.

Sept 24-28, 2001

O.K.I. Developers Meeting - Cambridge, MA

Continued collaborative development discussions for O.K.I. Common Services model and associated API's.

Sept 2001

MIT's Stellar and Stanford's Coursework pilots deployed

After successful design and development phases, Stellar and Coursework are deployed in support of select MIT & Stanford departments. Planning begins for campus-wide support by Fall 2002.

Aug 29-30, 2001

O.K.I./IMS/ADL Developers Meeting - Pittsburgh, PA

Technical representatives from O.K.I., IMS and ADL meet to build common, high-level, understanding of architectural needs for educational applications and learning systems design.

Aug 23, 2001

O.K.I./IMS/ADL Architecture Panel Discussion - Ottawa, ON

Initial IMS Technical Forum discussion introducing architectural issues and approaches being considered by O.K.I., IMS and ADL.

July 11, 2001

O.K.I./IMS/ADL Press Release

O.K.I./IMS/ADL announce their intention to cooperate towards accelerating the development and deployment of innovative and practical online learning tools, systems and techniques.

July 2-3, 2001

O.K.I. Developers Meeting - Cambridge, MA

Initial review of O.K.I. design philosophy; discussion of O.K.I. layered framework and APIs. Review of evolving scope documents.

June 11-12, 2001

Core Collaborators Meeting - Cambridge, MA

Strategic discussions with core collaborating institutions to assure the alignment of O.K.I. project scope with institutional needs.

May 2001

O.K.I. architectural design begins

MIT architectural team lays the groundwork for flexible and extensible systems framework.

April 30, 2001

Core Collaborator Meeting - Cambridge, MA

O.K.I. hosts an introductory session immediately following the Summit to give collaborative partners a better sense of mutual and individual goals for involvement with O.K.I..

April 27-28, 2001

Learning Management Systems Summit - Cambridge, MA

O.K.I. organizes a summit among leading institutional and commercial educational technology developers; O.K.I. invites 60 prominent academics, developers, instructional designers, and information technologists to devise a list of critical design attributes for online support of teaching and learning.

February 2001

MIT and Stanford each begin internal development of
learning management systems for Autumn deployment.

MIT's Stellar and Stanford's Coursework are "production prototypes" to better understand the requirements for technology - enhanced teaching and learning.

January 1, 2001

Mellon funding granted

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provides start-up funds for a initial two-year period of O.K.I. development.


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