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Open Knowledge Initiative

The O.K.I. project is assisted by several working groups that help define and solve important issues surrounding development and design.

Advisory Group
EALP Workgroup

The Advisory Group provides strategic direction for issues surrounding adoption, sustainability, and viability.


  • The O.K.I. Advisory Group is composed of strategic leaders in the IT infrastructure of commercial and educational institutions
  • The group meets to review specific O.K.I. issues integral to O.K.I. mission success, including, intellectual property policy, community development, market alliances, and institutional infrastructure integration.


Carl Berger

University of Michigan

Jacqueline Brown

University of Washington

Kathy Christoph

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Philip Dodds

Hass (Advanced Distributed Learning)

Steve Ehrmann

Teaching, Learning and Technology Group

Serge Goldstein

Princeton University

Michael Keller

Stanford University

Vijay Kumar

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Diana Laurillard

Open University, UK

Steven Lerman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Larry Levine

Dartmouth College

Clifford Lynch

Coalition for Networked Information

Philip Long

Yale University

Paul Mosher

University of Pennsylvania

Jem Rashbass

Cambridge University

Ed Walker

IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.


The EALP Workgroup defines the educational technology application needs of academic institutions.


  • The EALP group gathers information on the types of educational applications that O.K.I. architecture should support.
  • EALP group recommendations are based on the broad consensus of the academic community.
  • The EALP group's goal is to ensure that local innovation and best practices can be easily developed and shared through adoption of the O.K.I. framework.

The workgroup is also involved with identifying educational application developers interested in creating advanced or specialized applications.

  • The EALP group researches innovative educational applications to advance pedagogical technology.
  • EALP group investigates means to coordinate and support development of these advanced applications within an O.K.I. framework.


 Lois Brooks

Stanford University

Malcolm Brown Dartmouth College

Jud Harward

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charles Kerns

Stanford University

Phil Long

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sharon Pitt

North Carolina State University


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