MIT Ombuds Office

neutral, confidential, independent, informal

Ombuds Publications

This compilation of publications offers information relevant to establishing and maintaining a professional Ombuds practice which adheres to a common code of ethics and standards of practice. It also includes writings that are useful to those within and outside of MIT who want to better understand and/or establish an Ombuds practice. Articles are in chronological order.

1. MIT Ombuds Office Terms of Reference (PDF)

2. Conflict Management Systems and the Ombudsman Role Therein

3. Some Specific Topics in Organizational Ombuds Practice

4. The Organizational Ombudsman Profession

5. Effectiveness and Usefulness of Organizational Ombudsmen

6. Micro-inequities, Micro-affirmations; the Minutiae of Discrimination

7. MIT Articles and Materials

8. Other Publications by Mary P. Rowe