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50 Years and Going Strong!!!

"The 'Center' of Attention" - OR/MS Today, February 2004

Saturday, April 24, 2004
50th Anniversary of the MIT Operations Research Center

This year, the OR Center will celebrate it's 50th anniversary. The OR Center was established at MIT in 1953 by Philip M. Morse, a well-known physicist. After 50 years of operation, the ORC's academic program still continues to be recognized as ranking among the very best nationally and internationally. The program, moreover, is repeatedly cited as achieving an excellent balance between applications and methodology.

The OR Center will be holding its 50th Anniversary celebration on April 24 and 25, 2004. On April 24, we will hold a one-day symposium in which OR Center graduates will discuss their views of OR over the past 50 years. On Sunday, April 25th, we will hold joint activities with the INFORMS Practice Meeting, which will be held in Boston, starting on April 25th.

We cordially invite all alumni, former faculty, current students and faculty to celebrate what we believe to be a magnificent event. We are very proud of the achievements made by the ORC community, both past and present. This celebration will provide the unique opportunity for all of us to acknowledge the OR Center's outstanding contributions to the field of operations research. In addition, we all will enjoy a night of dining and dancing with new and old friends of the ORC Center. We hope to make this a most memorable time for everyone!!