The Interactive Learning Center

The Interactive Learning Center is a repository of specially designed modules for exploring and understanding mathematical subjects. The freeware repository is made possible through the support of:

  • Massachussetts Institute of Technology - Operations Research Center
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Business Administration
  • Cambridge Modeling Corporation
  • The modules provided through the repository can be used freely for non-profit use by instructors and students. We would appreciate hearing suggestions from you regarding the modules - improvements to make and possible topics. We are also very interested in receiving feedback about how the modules are used in the classroom and by students. Teaching notes and ideas provided by users of the modules will be shared. If you wish to be added to a mailing list for update notices or wish to provide feedback on the modules, please send an email to kenmckay "at"

    Version 0.0 of the modules are now available for testing and for feedback. With each module, a brief user manual is available and should be sufficient for instructors to use. In time, student manuals will be developed and these will rely on feedback as to content and style.

    To maintain control over the testing of the modules and to ensure that everyone is using the same version, the modules cannot be run offline. The modules have been developed using javaOMAC.

    The current offerings are:
  • Modules for Operations Research and Operations Management
  • Advanced modules for high school students
  • Basic modules for the wider K-12 audience
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