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Awards and Honors





Research Interests

Daron Acemoglu


Room E52-380B
(617) 253-1927
daron "at" mit.edu

Political economy, development economics, applied game theory, economic growth, labor economics, search theory, networks, macroeconomics, general equilibrium theory, Information economics

Saurabh Amin

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Room 1-241
(617) 253-8003
amins "at" mit.edu

Networked control systems; cyber-physical infrastructure management; applied game theory; network economics; pricing and incentive regulation

Sinan Aral

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-364
(617) 324-7535
sinan "at" mit.edu

Hamsa Balakrishnan

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Room 33-328
(617) 253-6101
hamsa "at" mit.edu

Air transportation, air traffic management, airport operations, environmental impacts of transportation systems, air traffic control and surveillance

Arnold I. Barnett

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-568
(617) 253-2670
abarnett "at" mit.edu

Probability modeling and statistics, transportation systems, criminal behavior, health, risk analysis and perception

Cynthia Barnhart

Civil & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Systems Division

Room 10-200
(617) 253-3815
cbarnhart "at" mit.edu

Math programming; network optimization; large-scale mixed integer programming; transportation and logistics

Dimitri P. Bertsekas

Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems

Room 32-D660
(617) 253-7267
dimitrib "at" mit.edu

Linear and nonlinear programming; network optimization; dynamic and neuro-dynamic programming; estimation and control of stochastic systems; neural networks; parallel and distributed computation; data communication networks

Dimitris J. Bertsimas

Sloan School of Management

Room E40-111
(617) 253-4223
dbertsim "at" mit.edu

Discrete, convex and robust optimization; analysis and control of stochastic systems; data mining; finance; health care; ecommerce

Erik Brynjolfsson

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-414
erikb "at" mit.edu

Information Technology and Economics as it relates to the organization of work, productivity, and pricing and sharing of digital information

Victor V. Chernozhukov


Room E52-371B
(617) 253-4767
vchern "at" mit.edu

Statistics and econometrics, quantile regression, set estimation, statistical computing, and Markov chain Monte Carlo

Costis Daskalakis

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Room 32-G694
(617) 253-9643
costis "at" csail.mit.edu

Algorithmic game theory, computational biology and applied probability

Richard de Neufville

Civil & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Systems Division

Room E40-245
(617) 253-7694
ardent "at" mit.edu

Real options; decision analysis; engineering systems design; airports

Vivek F. Farias

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-566
(617) 253-7659
vivekf "at" mit.edu

Revenue management; dynamic optimization

Joseph Ferreira

Urban Studies & Planning

Room 9-532
(617) 253-7410
jf "at" mit.edu

Analytic methods and computer-based modeling for urban planning and policy analysis

Emilio Frazzoli

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

Room 32-D724
(617) 253-1991
frazzoli "at" mit.edu

Analysis and control of dynamic, stochastic, and distributed systems; real-time and dynamic optimization; transportation systems; robotics and automation

Robert M. Freund

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-567
(617) 253-8997
rfreund "at" mit.edu

Mathematical programming; continuous optimization; large-scale optimization; convex optimization; computational complexity; convexity theory; optimization issues in big data

David Gamarnik

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-563
(617) 253-7779
gamarnik "at" mit.edu

Stochastic processes and queueing theory, applications to business processes, probabilistic combinatorics, algorithms and combinatorial optimization, learning theory

Stanley B. Gershwin

Mechanical Engineering

Room 35-210
(617) 253-2149
gershwin "at" mit.edu

Manufacturing systems, applied operations research, probability and stochastic processes, queueing theory and applications, control theory, dynamic programming

Michel Goemans


Room 2-351
(617) 253-2688
goemans "at" math.mit.edu

Combinatorial optimization; mathematical programming; theoretical computer science; telecommunications

Marta C. González

Civil & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Systems Division

Room 1-153
(617) 715-4140
martag "at" mit.edu

Complex networks, human dynamics, urban transportation models

Stephen C. Graves

Sloan School of Management; Engineering Systems Division

Room E62-579
(617) 253-6602
sgraves "at" mit.edu

Operations management; applied operations research; supply chain management; manufacturing systems

Warren W. Hoburg

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Room 33-404
(617) 253-1207
whoburg "at" mit.edu

Geometric programming, signomial programming, aircraft design, aerospace manufacturing

Patrick Jaillet

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems

Room 32-D624
(617) 452-3379
jaillet "at" mit.edu

Methodology: online optimization, data-driven optimization, networks, probabilistic combinatorial optimization problems, domain of applications: internet, transportation, energy, finance

Jonathan Kelner

Computer Science; Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Room 2-372
(617) 253-4344
kelner "at" mit.edu

Combinatorial optimization, mathematical programming, spectral graph theory, distributed computing, machine learning, computational geometry and topology, computational biology, signal processing, and random matrix theory

Richard Larson

Civil & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Systems Division

Room E40-231b
(617) 253-3604
rclarson "at" mit.edu

Queueing, e-learning, logistics, location theory, scheduling, public safety, developing countries

Retsef Levi

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-562
(617) 253-4155
retsef "at" mit.edu

- Healthcare systems and Health Analytics - Risk Management - Food Safety - Supply Chain and Revenue Management Optimization - Approximation Algorithms for Multistage Stochastic Optimization Models - Data-driven Algorithms - Stochastic Optimization - Combinatorial Optimization

John D.C. Little

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-534
(617) 253-3738
jlittle "at" mit.edu

Models and analyzes data to support managerial decision making, particularly in marketing; Little's Law

Andrew W. Lo

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-618
(617) 253-0920
alo "at" mit.edu

Financial engineering, mathematical finance, computational finance, statistics, econometrics, portfolio optimization, evolutionary biology, cognitive neurosciences, neuroeconomics

Thomas L. Magnanti

Sloan School of Management

Room 32-D784
(617) 253-6604
magnanti "at" mit.edu

Mathematical programming; network optimization and design; telecommunications; supply chains

Rahul Mazumder

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-583
(617) 253-2652
rahulmaz "at" mit.edu

Statistical Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Convex and Discrete Optimization, First Order Methods, Stochastic and Large Scale Optimization. Applications of the above and other data-science methods in social sciences, engineering, earth and environmental sciences, others.

Eytan Modiano

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Room 33-207
(617) 452-3414
modiano "at" mit.edu

Communications, networks, algorithms, protocols

James B. Orlin

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-570
(617) 253-6606
jorlin "at" mit.edu

Math programming; network optimization; combinatorial optimization; heuristics; logistics

Carolina Osorio

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Room 1-232
(617) 452-3063
osorioc "at" mit.edu

Queueing theory, simulation-based optimization, network congestion, urban transportation

Asuman E. Ozdaglar

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

Room 32-D630
(617) 324-0058
asuman "at" mit.edu

Nonlinear optimization, convex analysis, game theory, network economics and optimization

Pablo Parrilo

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Room 32D-726
(617) 324-1542
parrilo "at" mit.edu

Control and identification of uncertain complex systems, robustness analysis and synthesis, convex optimization

Georgia Perakis

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-565
(617) 253-8277
georgiap "at" mit.edu

Math programming; competitive systems; dynamic pricing; supply chain management; transportation

Thomas Roemer

Sloan School of Management

Room E40-319
(617) 324-6209
troemer "at" mit.edu

Product design and development; operations management; manufacturing systems; supply chain management; applied operations research

Donald B. Rosenfield

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-560
(617) 253-1064
donrose "at" mit.edu

Operations management; supply chain management; supply chain strategy; inventory management; probability theory

Cynthia Rudin

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-576
(617) 715-4215
rudin "at" mit.edu

Machine learning, data mining, statistical modeling, electrical utility industry

Andreas S. Schulz

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-569
(617) 258-7340
schulz "at" mit.edu

Mathematical programming; integer and linear programming, combinatorial optimization, polyhedral combinatorics, approximation algorithms, game theory, scheduling theory and algorithms, as well as complexity theory.

Devavrat Shah

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Room 32-D670
(617) 253-4670
devavrat "at" mit.edu

Network algorithms, stochastic networks, statistical inference and network information theory

Yossi Sheffi

Center for Transportation & Logistics; Civil & Environmental Engineering; ESD

Room E40-261
(617) 253-5316
sheffi "at" mit.edu

Logistics; supply chain management; freight transportation; enterprise resilience and risk management; corporate social responsibility

David Simchi-Levi

Civil & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Systems Division

Room 1-171
(617) 253-6160
dslevi "at" mit.edu

Supply chain management; inventory optimization; pricing strategies; production systems

Duncan Simester

Sloan School of Management

Room E40-177
(617) 258-0679
simester "at" mit.edu

Interior point methods to adaptively design market research questions

Jessika Trancik

Engineering Systems Division

Room E40-241
(617) 715-4552
trancik "at" mit.edu

energy systems modeling, materials optimization for low-carbon energy technologies

John N. Tsitsiklis

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Room 32-D662
(617) 253-6175
jnt "at" mit.edu

Analysis and control of dynamic and/or stochastic systems; resource allocation; communication networks

Juan Pablo Vielma

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-561
(617) 324-1204
jvielma "at" mit.edu

Theory and technology for linear, non-linear and stochastic mixed integer programming and optimization models in natural resource management and environmental protection

Jiang Wang

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-614
(617) 253-2632
wangj "at" mit.edu

Models of financial markets, asset pricing theory, and international finance

Roy E. Welsch

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-564
(617) 253-6601
rwelsch "at" mit.edu

Statistics; data mining; robust estimation; finance; bioinformatics; nonlinear optimization in statistics

Tauhid Zaman

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-580
zlisto "at" mit.edu

Social data analytics and the design of new models, algorithms, and systems to process large scale social data for various applications

Y. Karen Zheng

Sloan School of Management

Room E62-578
(617) 253-4512
yanchong "at" mit.edu

Behavioral operations research, consumer bounded rationality and its implications for revenue management, experimental economics, sustainability issues in operations management

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