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Masters Theses: 1990s

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  • Abundo, Stephanie F. An Approach for Estimating Delays at a Busy Airport, June 1990. 
  • Chervi, Philippe A Computational Approach to Probabilistic Vehicle Routing Problems, February 1990. 
  • Generazio, Hoa Analysis of First-Term Attrition of Non-Prior Service High-Quality U.S. Army Male Recruits, February 1990. 
  • Horangic, Basil R. Some Queueing Models of Airport Delays, February 1990. 
  • Jacobe de Haut de Sigy, Romuald  Loading Control Policy for a Batch Machine, February 1990. 
  • Kierszenbaum, Michael  The Impact of Inspection Delays on Quality Contro,l June 1990. 
  • Kurebayashi, Atsushi Comparison of Flow Shop Sequencing Models and Methods, June 1990. 
  • Lemire, Linda Jill  Due-Date Setting and Pricing in a M/M/1 First-Come First-Served Queue, June 1990. 
  • Ramakrishnan, V. S. A LaGrange Multiplier Method for Solving Multi-Objective Linear Programs, September 1990. 
  • Vieira, Luiz F. M. Computational Tests of Interior Point Algorithms for Linear Programming, June 1990. 


  • Anderson, Susan M. L. On Queue Audience: Calculating Reach and Frequency for Supermarket Television, June 1991. 
  • Baldi, Martha A.  An Analysis of Quality Control Policies on a Two-Station M/M/1 Production System, June 1991. 
  • Bucciarelli, Mark  Cluster Sampling Methods for Monitoring Route-Level Transit Ridership, September 1991. 
  • Chen, Meng-Huai  How Much Cash Should A Bank Maintain? - An Optimization Approach, September 1991. 
  • Chi, Zhihang  An Adaptive Final Approach Spacing Advisory System: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, June 1991. 
  • Ingolfsson, Armann  Run by Run Process Control, September 1991. 
  • Miller, Jennifer A. Spatial Interpretation and Statistical Modeling of Boston High School Dropouts, June 1991. 
  • Milner, Joseph M. The Assembly Sequence Selection Problem: An Application of Simulated Annealing, June 1991. 
  • Savari, Serap  Source Coding for Channels with Finite-State Letter Costs, September 1991. 
  • Schenler, Warren Robustness Under Uncertainty: A Normative Reduction of Multi-Future,  Multi-Attribute Tradeoffs in Electric Utility Planning, February 1991. 
  • Svrcek, Tom  Modeling Airline Group Passenger Demand for Revenue Optimization, June 1991 
  • Vranas, Peter B.  Merchant Fleet Size versus External Trade and Other Relevant Variables: A Statistical Investigation, June 1991. 
  • Yoshimura, Junichi Improved Service and Maintenance Through Accident Sequence Precursor Risk Analysis, June 1991.  


  • Connolly, Stephanie A Real-Time Policy for Performing Setup Changes in a Manufacturing System, June 1992. 
  • Elsesser, Kim The Validation of a Simulation Model for the Allocation of Mental Health Services February 1992. 
  • Hsu, Lina Y. The Design of an Assembly Line with Stochastic Task Times, June 1992. 
  • Longtin, Mark Sequential Screening in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Exploiting Spatial Dependence, June 1992. 
  • Misra, Dipanwita (Diane) Compression and Retrieval of Network Routing Solutions, June 1992. 
  • Park, Jai-Kue Consumer Choice Modeling in the Presence of Brand Extension, September 1992. 
  • Ricard, Michael A Decomposition Approach to Zero-One Integer Programming, February 1992. 
  • Robinson, Jonathan D. A Simulation Testbed for Flow Management in Air Traffic Control, September 1992. 
  • Stanley, Timothy D. The Economic Status of American Causalities of the Vietnam War, June 1992. 
  • Vives, Guillaume-Yves Real-Time Scheduling of an Assembly Stage in a Production Line, February 1992. 
  • Vyas, Mary Pressley Specification of Gaussian Process Models for Asset Returns with Asynchronous or Missing Data, June 1992. 


  • Burman, Mitchell H. A Real-Time Dispatch Policy for a System Subject to Sequence-Dependent, Random Setup Times, February 1993. 
  • Duarte, Maria Cristina Multiple Product Cycle Time Minimization for Serial Placement Machines, September 1993.
  • Goranson, Jesse Looking for Trouble: How Well the FAA's Enhanced Traffic Management System Predicts Aircraft Congestion, September 1993. 
  • Jeancard, Henri-Pierre Forecasting Capabilities and Model Diagnostics for Auto-Regressive Conditionally Heteroskedastic Time Series, February 1993.
  •  López-Arteaga, Alfonso J. The Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem in Intelligent Vehicle - Highway Systems, February 1993. 
  • Malone, Kerry M. Modeling a Network of Queues Under Nonstationary and Stochastic Conditions, February 1993. 
  • Mueller, Alexander T. Optimizing Advertisement Selections and Scheduling, February 1993. 
  • Pinker, Edieal J. Computational Experience with a New Workforce-Workflow Scheduling Model, February 1993. 
  • Rajan, Kavitha Analysis Of Heuristics For The Hierarchical Network Design Problem, June 1993. 
  • Shumsky, Robert A. The Response of the U.S. Air Carriers to the DOT's On-Time Disclosure Rule, June 1993. 
  • Theodosopoulos, Theodore V. Worst-Case Identification in l1: Algorithms and Complexity, February 1993. 
  • Thomke, Stefan H. Multivariate Quality Control of Flexible Manufacturing Processes, February 1993. 
  • Vanderbeck, Francois A Decomposition Approach for Parallel Machine Assignment and Setup Minimization in Electronics Assembly, February 1993. 
  • Vettas, Lt. Peter C. Cost and Productibility Optimization of Naval Ship Midship Section, June 1993. 
  • Zaman, Zia A Scheduling Package Based on the QIE, February 1993.


  • Ahn, Sungsu Construction and Implementation of Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms in a Computer Aided Fabrication Environment, February 1994. 
  • Ansari, Mohsinuddin A Queueing Analysis of a Buffered Block-Selective S-ARQ Protocol, June 1994. 
  • Brodsky, Valery Optimization Methods for Topological Design of Interconnected Ring Networks, February 1994. 
  • Chu, Qin A Dynamic and Stochastic Model for Distribution of Empty Containers, June 1994.
  • Chu, Ronald W.Y. Finding a Cycle with Maximum Profit-to-Time Ration - An Application to Optimum Deployment of Containerships, June 1994. 
  • Datta, Sougata CEPH Fingerprints and Their Analysis, June 1994. 
  • Fang, Yue A Sequential Approach for Estimating Two-factor Interactions, June 1994.
  •  Gopalakrishnan, Srimathy Optimization Models for Production Planning in Metal Sheet Manufacturing, February 1994. 
  • Hauksson, Arni G. Management of the Marketing Mix, Using Models Based on Household Level Data, February 1994. 
  • Hocker, Guy A. Airport Demand and Capacity Modeling for Flow Management Analysis, February 1994. 
  • Humair, Salal An Approach to Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems Using Asynchronous Teams of Autonomous Agents, September 1994. 
  • Kaufman, Alan Data and Algorithms for Genomic Physical Mapping, September 1994. 
  • Kuo, Yu-Ting Some Estimates of the Value of Software, June 1994. 
  • Maragos, Spyridon A. Revenue Management for Ocean Carriers: Optimal Capacity Allocation with Multiple Nested Freight Rate Classes, June 1994. 
  • Murti, Kamala P. Static and Dynamic Scheduling in a Two Station Mixed Queuing Network, June 1994. 
  • Stamatopoulos, Miltiadis A. A Factory Representation as a Design Tool in a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Environment, June 1994. 
  • Voigtlaender, Christian H. Intermodal Freight Transportation - An Integrated Analysis of Strategy and Operations, June 1994. 
  • Zilberman, Yaron The Asset Allocator, February 1994.


  • Al-Othman, Abdulwahab N. Analysis of Vaidya's Volumetric Cutting Plane Algorithm, September 1995. 
  • Armacost, Andrew P. Modeling Railroad Terminal Operations: Supporting Real-Time Network Planning and Control, June 1995. 
  • Chiu, Kenneth Generalized Gaussian Covariance Analysis in Multi-Market Risk Assessment, February 1995. 
  • Chu, Michael Yi Xin Combining Heuristics and Integer Programming for Optimizing Job Shop Scheduling Models, February 1995. 
  • Fournier, Renaud R. Analyzing Scanner Data for Manufacturing Planning, June 1995. 
  • Giancola, Augusto RafaelSome Tools for Event Frequency Decomposition and Heterogeneous Transfer Line Analysis, June 1995. 
  • Kostiner, Barry J. Spatial Market Equilibrium for Resistive Electric Networks, February 1995. 
  • Lakshmi, Viswanathan Genetic Algorithms for Uncapacitated Network Design, February 1995. 
  • Lee, Fung-Man Studies in Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Energy Data ,June 1995. 
  • Merrill, N'Gai A Multi-Period General Equilibrium Model of Long-Term Environmental Policy Using Overlapping Generations, June 1995. 
  • Mori, Yutaka Demand for Interactive Television, February 1995. 
  • Reiss, Stan Message Routing in Level 1 of the Wide-Band All-Optical Network ,June 1995. 
  • Ying, Yee-Chien Calvin How Can Improved Weather Forecasting Accuracy Reduce Air Traffic Delays?, September 1995. 


  • Chopra, Sameer Efficient Scenario Evaluations Using the Nested Logit Model, June 1996. 
  • Choy, Brenda P-T. Analyzing Total Distance in Vehicle Routing Problems, June 1996.
  • D'Amato, Rebecca M. Allocating Housing Resources for a Psychiatric Program, June 1996.
  • Escobar Fernandez de la Vega, Marcos Systematic Procedure to Meet Specific Input/Output Constraints in the l1-optimal Control Problem Design, June 1996. 
  • Ma, Chien Models and Algorithms for a Stochastic One Machine Sequencing Problem, June 1996. 
  • Sylla, Abdoul K. Portfolio Optimization Using Non-Gaussian Return Distributions, June 1996. 
  • Wang, I-Lin Implementing the Premultiplier Method for Minimum-Cost Flow Problem, February 1996. 
  • Willems, Sean P. Strategic Safety Stock Placement in Integrated Production/Distribution Systems, June 1996. 
  • Young, Janice M. Decoding of a Markov Process with Imperfect State Information, June 1996. 


  • Bowman, Jeremy M. Analysis and Optimization of a Biotechnology Service Operation, June 1997. 
  • Clarke, Michael Dudley Delano An Introduction to the Airline Recovery Problem, June 1997. 
  • Guastalla, Guglielmo An Advanced Algorithm for Air Traffic Flow Management, June 1997. 
  • Liao, Te-San Modeling and Cost Analysis of Global Logistics and Manufacturing System, June 1997. 
  • Nemec, Joseph Edward A Quantity Scheduling Language for Manufacturing Systems, June 1997. 
  • O'Dell, Susan W. Optimal Control Strategies for a Rail Transit Line, June 1997. 
  • Sheel, Minakshi Probabilistic Analysis of Ground-Holding Strategies, February 1997. 


  • Al-kibsi, Gassan Ahmed Optimal Product Assortment for Consumer Packaged Goods Retailers, June 1998. 
  • Cervantes, Jose A. Effective Modeling of Throughput in Semiconductor Assembly Processes, February 1998. 
  • Chew, Elaine Multiperiod Portfolio Optimization: Feynman Diagrams and Approximate Dynamic Programming, June 1998. 
  • Coop, Andrew E. Contingency Munitions Logistics Planning and Control: A Framework for Analysis, June 1998. 
  • Kassab, Hisham I. Scheduling in Packet Radio Networks, June 1998. 
  • Krishnan, Niranjan Design of Large Scale Transportation Service Networks with Consolidation: Models, Algorithms and Applications, February 1998. 
  • Lauprette, Geoffrey J. Some Aspects of the Optimal Grouping of Stocks, February 1998. 
  • Liu, Wenyun Winning the Competitive Edge in the DRAM Market: A System Dynamics Analysis, February 1998. 
  • Ouyang, Li An On-line Shopping Study, June 1998. 
  • Rifkin, Ryan M. The Single Airport Static Stochastic Ground Holding Problem, June 1998.
  •  Shanbhag, Vinayak V. Optimal Control Systems in Response to Diverse Electricty Pricing Structures, February 1998. 
  • Tan, Too-Ping Extensions of the Minimum Cut Problem and Their Applications in Airfield Cutting, February 1998. 


  • Bratu, Stephane Network Value Concept in Airline Revenue Management, February 1999.  Lee, Pei Ting Dynamic Programming Model for Mortgage Refinancing Problem with Stochastic Interest Rates, June 1999. 
  • Lohatepanont, Manoj Incremental Airline Schedule Design, February 1999. 
  • Marandon, Eric The Hermite Black-Scholes Formula: Relating Option Prices to Moments of the Underlying Asset, June 1999. 
  • Taneja, Hemant A Tactical Planning Model for a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility, June 1999. 
  • Tziligakis, Constantine N.Relaxation and Exact Algorithms for Solving Mixed Integer-Quadratic Optimization, September 1999. 
  • Wike, Carl E. Supply Chain Optimization: Formulations and Algorithms, February 1999.
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