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Pre-Orientation Programs 2018 - Coordinator/Counselor Application

This application form will be used for Coordinator and Counselor positions. Please fill it out as completely as possible. PLEASE NOTE: THIS APPLICATION IS DUE BY 5PM ON March 2, 2018.

If you are interested in applying to be a FLP or FUP counselor, you need to apply separately: the PKG Center FUP Counselor Application is due by 5pm on February 23, and the FLP Counselor Application must be submitted by 5pm on March 2.

Please direct any questions to Alice Rugoletti, Thank you!!


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The Freshman Leadership Program immerses freshmen in a process of personal development that enables them to discover their own definition of leadership and to explore what it means to be a leader. FLP accomplishes this through a curriculum focused on inclusivity, empowerment, value defining, and leadership skill building. Students participate in workshops, activities, and discussions where they encounter various social issues, including but not limited to multiculturalism, diversity and gender roles, racism, sexism, and religious and socioeconomic issues. FLP strikes a balance between thought-provoking discussion and moments of laughter, and between understanding yourself and understanding your peers. FLP is a unique program that is guaranteed to be both fun and rewarding.

Counselor Expectations:
  • The FLP Counselors will be responsible for facilitating the activities and conversations of the 5-day session. The Counselors will facilitate discussions in both large and small groups, interact heavily with campers during FLP, and develop strong and close relationships that will last long after.
  • FLP Counselors must have a genuine interest in working with students to explore issues of race, gender, class, sexuality, disabilities, and community and how these topics relate to leadership. Experience working with students and/or facilitating discussions is preferred. Training and program dates TBA.
The Counselor Experience

"Having the opportunity to be a counselor for FLP has been one of the most influential experiences on my life. You design activities and discussions so that campers
think about issues that are often swept under the rug and also reflect on their own perspectives. The experience of listening to a story from one of the counselors or campers is much more captivating and moving than reading articles online about these topics. Seeing the campers evolve from the first day and think critically about themselves as the camp progresses is unbelievable. And, of course, you do all of this while laughing and smiling more than you ever will during the school year!" - Nicholas Diamantoni '15, FLP Counselor 2012, 2013

"Every year, FLP reminds me how incredible people are. By the nature of the program, the group of 70+ campers and counselors learn and grow from each other through discussion and self-reflection of societal issues. This program will challenge you to think about what you believe in as an individual. As a counselor, I discovered a new world of perspectives and backgrounds from my peers during FLP and gained a strong network of friends who are still my best friends to this day (and hopefully forever). As one of the most powerful, and memorable experiences I've had at MIT, FLP will change your life." - Jason Lee '14, FLP Counselor 2011 - 2013

Please complete the FLP Counselor Application. Applications must be submitted by 5pm on March 2.


FAP is a preorientation program that encourages participating freshmen to be creative during a busy, fun week of introduction to MIT. The program has three main facets: time in which freshmen spend a few hours per day working on a project that gets presented at the end of the program; workshops, in which members of the MIT/Cambridge community run hour-long sessions on a fun topic (e.g. break dancing, Indian music, body casting); and big group activities, which are sometimes, but not always, art-related. We are introducing a new structure in which we will gear our program more to the specific artistic interests of our freshmen.
Areas of art that FAP usually focuses on include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Photography

Counselors are required to arrive at school 5 days before FAP begins for training and setup. As a counselor, you will be responsible for helping to run activities and guiding the students in your areas of artistic knowledge.

Discover Exercise and Wellness (DEW) Counselor

Discover Exercise and Wellness introduces freshman to an array of MIT resources that encourage physical fitness and mental wellness, so they can easily initiate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding a healthy balance between physical and mental well-being contributes to academic success at the Institute. This program will integrate physical activities with trips and will also provide educational sessions on mindfulness meditation, exercise science, fitness, nutrition and stress management.

Counselor Expectations:

  • DEW counselors will be responsible for facilitating team building activities and meaningful discussions throughout the 4-day experience.
  • DEW counselors must have general experience in one or more of the areas of mindfulness meditation, exercise science, fitness, nutrition and stress management.
  • DEW counselors will lead all evening activities, some off campus.

DEW Counselor Application Questions:

Freshman Outdoor Program (FOP) Counselor

The Freshman Outdoor Program (FOP) - Kayaking will promote community, self-discovery, relationship building and fun. The FOP Kayaking program is offered through the Thompson Island Outward Bound School. The program will begin from the Island in Boston Harbor and will be guided by experienced Outward Bound instructors. FOP experiences will teach self-reliance, offer the strength and freedom that comes with knowing how to care for oneself and one's group. Participants will build strong friendships, expand their potential, and help others grow, all while being a part of an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Counselor Expectations
  • Participate and facilitate icebreakers and conversations during initial meeting and FPOP BBQ.
  • Guide groups to launch site.
  • Lead a group of first year students during the 5 day program along with the Outward Bound instructors.

FOP Counselor Application Questions

Freshman Urban Program (FUP) Counselor

If you are interested in applying to be a FUP counselor (Freshman Urban Program), please apply separately via the MIT PKG Center FUP Counselor Application by 5pm on February 23, 2018.

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