Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2020
The First Year at MIT

Apply to be an Orientation Leader for 2016

We are looking for Orientation Leaders for the Class of 2020!

We are looking for fun, energetic, and creative students interested in making life a little easier for MIT freshmen. Do you remember your first day at MIT? Did someone help you to find building numbers and classrooms? Help us help this year's class. Orientation Leaders work flexible hours and are involved in every aspect of getting the Class of 2020 familiar with what MIT has to offer.


The earlier you apply the earlier you get to interview! Be sure to be on time for your interview. You will not be allowed to reschedule or enter late.


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Please provide the name of the dorm or FSLIG where you plan to live next year (not your current, summer, or home address).


Please answer all questions below. In addition, be sure to send a copy of your resume and one recommendation letter via email to Meghan Kenney, by 5 pm on February 25 (see explanation below).


*Must be a returning Orientation Leader (current sophomore or current junior during academic year 2015-2016).

We will select 12 from this pool to become Orientation Captains. They will participate in developing Leader training and will be a mentor to new Orientation Leaders.

In addition to the above questions, please answer the following:

Creative Project: All Applicants

Pick one of the following topics: Student Support & Stress, What does it mean to be a part of the MIT Community, Overall Orientation theme, Diversity and Inclusion,

Orientation staff want to know your thoughts on how this topic should be presented to the incoming class. Those projects that are most creative will obviously stand out. Feel free to discuss your personal experiences. Various media are accepted (e.g. paper art, video, cd, etc.).

Projects cannot exceed 3 pages and must be handed in to 7-103 by the deadline date, 5PM ON February 25. This project is not allowed to be emailed.

Be sure to create a new project if you have applied in the past. We will be checking it against our database.

Resume Submission: All Applicants

All applicants must submit a copy of their resume. Please be sure to email your resume to Meghan Kenney, by the application deadline (5PM on February 25) or drop off a copy of your resume when you submit your creative project (by 5PM on February 25).

Recommendation Section: All Applicants

One recommendation (explained below) is required in addition to this application form. It must be submitted via email to Meghan Kenney, by the application deadline, 5PM on February 25.

  • Must be a recommendation from someone, who has supervised you on an academic or administrative level (i.e. professor, UROP supervisor, summer employer, administrator). No recommendation by TA's or GRT's will be accepted.

**Note: It is your responsibility to check if your recommendations are submitted by the due date. Only complete applications (with recommendations) will be considered for an interview.

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