(5.5) Adobe Type Manager

How do I add new Adobe Type Manager typefaces?

OS/2 Warp comes with built-in Adobe Type Manager (ATM) for OS/2 Warp and Win-OS/2. A basic set of typefaces (Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman) comes with OS/2 Warp and is installed (if selected) for use under both OS/2 Warp's and Win-OS/2's ATM.

Each typeface you install under OS/2 Warp and/or Win-OS/2 should come with at least two separate files with PFB and AFM extensions. To install a typeface for use under Win-OS/2, use the ATM Control Panel. The Win-OS/2 ATM Control Panel will then build a PFM file from the AFM file if a PFM file is not already included. To install a typeface for use with OS/2 Warp-specific applications, select OS/2 System -> System Setup -> Font Palette -> Edit Font -> Add.

PFM files may converted to AFM files using the PFM2AFM utility, available from (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources. (However, these converted AFM files sometimes produce unusual results.) AFM files for Adobe commercial typefaces are available via Internet anonymous ftp from ftp.mv.us.adobe.com; the PFB files are available for purchase from Adobe. Many public domain typefaces for OS/2 Warp's ATM are available from (3.2) Shareware and Freeware Sources. AllType (Atech Software, phone 800-786-FONT), FontMonger (Ares Software, phone 415-578-9090), and Fontographer convert between TrueType and Adobe Type 1 formats.

Typeface files may be shared by OS/2 Warp ATM and Win-OS/2 ATM. To do so, install the typefaces using both the Font Palette and Win-OS/2 ATM Control Panel, specifying the same target path each time (most conveniently \PSFONTS).

Note that in some releases of OS/2 IOPL=YES should appear in CONFIG.SYS for proper operation of ATM. This setting is the default.

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