Completion in the Destination Box

The destination box provides a completion facility for people and aliases from your .anyone file. After you type the first few characters in someone's username or alias, pressing az completion key (Up, Down, Shift-Up, or Shift-Down) will make xzewd fill in the rest.

Pressing Up cycles through all the words that fit in alphabetical order.

Pressing Down also cycles through all the words that fit, but in reverse alphabetical order.

Holding down Shift while pressing Up or Down causes xzewd to only consider people currently logged in and aliases.

Completion happens on the portion of a word before the cursor. This means that moving the cursor to the end of "bobby, freddy, bu" and pressing completion keys will do what you expect.


Say that the following people are in your .anyone file: bobby, freddy, futzy, and flippy. Of these, only flippy is logged in. You've typed "f" into the destination box. Here's what would happen if you pressed each of the completion keys:

xzewd would print "flippy". If you pressed Up three more times, "flippy" would change to "freddy", then "futzy", then it would beep (because you had cycled through all possible choices).
xzewd would print "futzy", then, with repeated presses of Down, "freddy", "flippy", and it would beep.
Shift-Up or Shift-Down
xzewd would print "flippy", then, with repeated presses, beep. (Only flippy is logged on.)