About the McGee Lab

Our work builds records of past climate changes using geochemical tools, with a focus on applications of uranium-series isotopes.

In marine sediments, we use uranium and thorium isotopes to quantify accumulation rates in an effort to understand changes in the emission and transport of dust from the world’s drylands.

In speleothems and lake carbonates, uranium and thorium provide precise and accurate dating of changes in water balance and precipitation source. Building on these chronologies, we can compare records from different locations to build a global picture of past climate changes.

Recent News

January 2013

Check out this EAPS news article on our new clean lab!

December 2013

Graduate students Christopher Kinsey and Elena Steponaitis attend AGU:

8 AM sunshine!


September 2013 Image credit: JOIDES Resolution Facebook Page

Graduate student Christopher Kinsley travels to the Japan Sea on Expedition 346 of the JOIDES Resolution. Click on Christopher's picture to learn more about what he is doing at sea.

Also, David's group welcomes first-year graduate student Christine Chen and new lab manager Irit Tal.

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