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Our musaic event was a lot of fun, and we took some

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Who we are: A very detailed account of our mission and activities.
Resource page: Includes the list of current officers and group contact information
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Pictures from Activities Midway 2002: 1,2,3

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at pangaea-exec@mit.edu!

What is Pangaea?

Pangaea's ongoing goal is to increase multicultural awareness, promote diversity, and address the issue of segregation of campus.

Our history, by event:


Jan.-Sept. 2000: A group of people, mostly LeaderShape 2000 alums conceived the idea of having a cultural bridge organization to unite the people of MIT's campus. After organizing in the spring, we entered the public eye during the Activities Midway, and held the first planning meeting shortly thereafter.

October 6: Held icebreaker event on Student Center steps.

February 9, 2001: We attended Boston University's first multicultural symposium, in order to jump start our organization with new ideas. The event there focused on truths and misconceptions about BU's many cultural, religious, and government activities.

Video showings in Spring 2001:

  • Intuitive Obvious videos (3/14/01)
  • "Whiteness" videos (4/21/01)

    May: Selection of new officers (see below).

    Fall 2001

    August 28th: Activities Midway! Many students visited, and we also found it a good opportunity to establish contacts with other cultural groups.

    September 12th: Showed one of the Intuitively Obvious videos, with discussion afterwards.

    October 3rd: Held multicultural potluck outside of 10-250, the site of the UA Town Hall meeting on Mandatory Dining. Originally intended to be a generally fun get-together, it became a demonstration of the kinds of food that students can make, of course, without the help of outside dining.

    December 14th: End of Fall 2000 dinner.

    Spring 2002

    February 4th, 2002: Registration day cultural display. This event did not turn out exactly as it was originally planned, but it is a beneficial precursor to the kinds of provocative displays we could do in the future.

    Movie and video showings:

  • American History X (1998, 2/20)
  • Vukovar (1995, Serbia; 3/20)
  • Lessons from the Kaleidoscope (courtesy Sloan School of Management, 4/28)

    Events that Pangaea has co-sponsored:

  • Civil Liberties: After Pearl Harbor and 9/11 (3/3)
  • Not Just Blacks and Jews in Conversation (4/23)
  • Conversations about Race and Ethnicity on Campus (5/9)

    The future: The movie events turned out to work really well, so we will attempt to host those more often. More thought-provoking movies suggested thus far include Higher Learning, Jungle Fever, and Fakin' Da Funk.

    Also, we would like to reshow the Kaleidoscope film as it demonstrates the kinds of subtle dilemmas that we all may face while at MIT or elsewhere. If we do involve a round-table discussion in this series, it could perhaps be a new one.

    Finally, we'd like to continue the creation of provocative displays, which could also include surveys.

    Athena communication:

    In addition to various ways to reach us via E-mail, there is also a "pangaea" zephyr class.

    To subscribe to the zephyr class permanently, type this at the athena prompt:

  • zctl add pangaea \* \*

  • To subscribe until you logout (the next time you log in you won't be subscribed anymore), type:
  • zctl sub pangaea \* \*

  • To unsubscribe from the zephyr class, type:
  • zctl del pangaea \* \*

  • if you're permanently subscribed, or
  • zctl unsub pangaea \* \*
  • if you're temporarily subscribed.

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