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Congratulations to our newly elected officers for 2003!

Presidents Teresa Kim <saffire>
Daphne Lin <daphne>
Treasurer Brian Loux <elbaron>
Secretary Sandra Chung <smchung>
Publicity Chairs Prachi Jain <prachi>
Qian Wang <qianwang>
Webmaster Isaac Feitler <ike>
Graduate Member-at-Large Anshul Sood <anshul>
Members-at-Large Brittany Coulbert <coulbert>
Jumaane Jeffries (President Emeritus, '01-'02) <jajeff>
Cynthia Lien (*) <cynl410>
Lee Squitieri <sulee>
Katie Wasserman (*) <ktwass>
Founding Members
and Other Alumni
Kazuki Fukushige (Cambridge/CEI '01-'02)
Teresa Hernandez '01
Yuki Hori (currently CEI) <yukih>
Sawaka Kawashima '01 (President Emeritus, '00-'01)
Lei Lei '02
Kedra Newsom '02 (*)
Alison Wong (*) <ahwong>

How to reach us:

Mailing list ( Purpose Who it's for
pangaea-exec Consisting of officers and other active members, this list is for discussion of logistical issues, including meetings, financial status, future events, and other announcements. - Active Pangaea members
- Anyone with questions, comments, suggestions
- Cultural event organizers
- Anyone else seeking assistance, co-sponsorship, or event publicity
pangaea-discuss Consisting of mostly Pangaea members, this list is for discussion of important events and ideas. It is completely non-logistical, and thus any important issue maybe be discussed here. Any concerned individual of the MIT community (or nearby)
pangaea-request This list consists of the officers who have authorized signature powers and are able to add people to the other mailing lists, including our announcements list. If you would like to be added to one of our mailing lists, please contact us here.

Other resources:

Campus Life @MIT: List of Cultural Groups (simple)
Association of Student Activities: List of Cultural Groups (detailed)
Campus Committee on Race Relations
Moderated Cultural Discussion Board

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