Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan, Louisiana

Oak Tree
Tasneem, Rabia, and Holly under a 200 year old live Oak tree at Destrehan Plantation - the oldest documented plantation home, established in 1787


Plantation House
Destrehan Plantation House


Woodworker   Woodworker Walking
Carpenter showing woodworking tools from the 18th and 19th centuries
The grounds at Destrehan Plantation House


Plantation Woman
A woman in period dress at the Plantation


Joyce Wildlife Management Area
Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Swamp Sign
The sign that greeted us at Joyce Wildlife Management Area - note the many bullet holes riddling a notice that asks for "no loaded firearms"!


This boardwalk was installed at the swamp in 1990 to allow visitors to view wildlife and vegetation


Boardwalk Walking   Lizard
CEE students walking the boardwalk
Small chameleon spotted along the boardwalk


This is a pilot project to release secondary treated sewage into the wetlands to accomplish tertiary treatment


Walking over marsh near Hammond, Louisiana


Swamp House   Canoeing
Born on the Bayou
Rabia and Sueann smile for the camera although their thoughts are on native alligators and water moccasins


A native alligator smiles for the camera although its thoughts are on a light lunch




The Garden District
New Orleans, Louisiana

Martin, Sheila, Maggie, Tasneem, and Rabia eating lunch at "Fat Harry's", a Tulane University hangout in the Garden District


The New Orleans Garden District was settled in the 1850’s by successful entrepreneurs who built large, elegant mansions.


The French Quarter
New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Louis Cathedral
Saint Louis Cathedral, built in the 1790s and extensively renovated in the 1950s. While the Cathedral was largely unaffected by Katrina, a statue of Jesus outside of it lost a thumb and a forefinger due to a downed oak tree.


French Quarter architecture


Bourbon St.  
Lindsey and Tracy on Bourbon Street
Rev. Zombies - a local Voodoo center where one can find occult books, a magical talisman, unusual candles, and authentic African and Brazilian masks.



Field Work


The Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering