Workshop Proceedings

It is our plan to publish the papers presented at the PAVI_2009 Workshop in the European journal Hyperfine Interactions.  The goal is to do this by the end of 2009.  Bound copies of the proceedings will be provided to all registered participants.

Instructions and templates for preparing the papers for publication are included in the attached files.

To limit costs for printing the proceedings there will be page allocations for each of the talks.  The page limits are as follows:

45 minute talks:           7 pages
30 minute talks:           5 pages
20 minute talks:           3 pages

The deadline for submitting your papers is October-15, 2009.  This should provide ample time to complete the papers.

Please send your completed papers as required by the instructions ( the latex source including bibliography and all figures in post script format) and also a .pdf copy of the paper to Frank Maas: and also to Stanley Kowalski: .  Papers submitted after the deadline may not be accepted for publication.

Author instructions (pdf)
Info guest editors (pdf)
LaTeX macro package (zip)
Template (pdf)