Some NT resources on the web

"For a successful technology reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Fynman

MIT IS NT Support

MIT i/s Newslink

Microsoft Hosted Links

Welcome to Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Family

The NT logo program has information about how programs should use the registry.


Windows NT Magazine

Win95 Magazine

Microsoft Systems Journal

Online news letters and industry news

Frank Condron's World of Windows News


The All Windows Information Page

Dylan Greene' Windows 95 Starting Pages

Windows Industry News

The NT BugTraq archive and other topics


NT Security FAQ

Hobbit's paper on cifs security problems

Jim Frost's papers including NT file system security

NT vs. UNIX Network Security study

Somarsoft's Windows NT Security issues. Somarsoft makes various utilities for NT such as DumpACL.

C2Net Software, Inc has some notes about their products, some of which use SSL and they used to host the hackmsoft page.

Microsoft Security Advisor

Microsoft has also released a short note about NT security concerns regarding SMB and HTTP. In short their response is to use proxy servers and firewalls for now :( However they have a longer white paper about their future security plans. This is a pretty good high-level discussion of NT 5.0 security - lots of stuff about the directory and fine grained access control, Kerberos 5 as the default, SSL/PCT for Internet stuff, and a couple of things about DCE and RPC.

This white paper describes how SSPI APIs can be used directly, as well as through other application interfaces, such as DCOM, secure RPC, WinSock 2.0, and WinInet.

This guide to Securing Windows NT Installation appears like it might be useful. It includes descriptions of a number of registry settings.

More NT papers from MS.

R. C. Consulting maintains the NTBugTraq list and archive but also has a number of links to NT security related topics.

NT for the Unix centric

SAMBA the main distribution site.

Virtually UNIX for the UNIX centric NT users.

TCL extensions for NT

A variety of Win32 links including the GNU project.

ONC RPC for NT overview

ONC RPC for NT download

Software distribution sites

TUCOWS The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software.

Virtual Software Library at

Winsite (Software Archive for Windows)

fpWare and fpArchie

European Windows NT University Support Centers

A skimpy view of Microsoft's ftp site.

Chown for NT

Third party tools that MS has been tracking

Information about power management for laptops on NT.

What is USB?

PowerProfiler for NT from SystemSoft

Windows NT Magazine had an article on the subject in the Macrh 1997 issue.

Paperbits is a site with lots of third party device drivers for NT.

Administration of NT

Info for programmers