Geometry (cm²)

Mach Number

Pressure (kPa)


  • Click and drag the red dots to change the geometry, inlet Mach number or back pressure
  • Once the boundary conditions are accounted for and the flow regimes are distinguished (subsonic or supersonic), Flozzle uses analytic expressions to compute the flow variables
  • Analytic quasi-1D Euler solution:
    • \frac{A}{A^*} = \frac{1}{M}\bigg[\frac{2+(\gamma-1)M^2}{\gamma+1}\bigg]^{\frac{\gamma+1}{2(\gamma-1)}}
    • Remember, this admits two Mach number solutions (subsonic & supersonic) for a given area ratio! A numerical bisection method is used to obtain the Mach number in the desired regime.
  • Normal shock relation:
    • M_y^2 = \frac{2+(\gamma-1)M_x^2}{2\gamma M_x^2 - (\gamma-1)}

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