22.51/6.977 Quantum Theory of Radiation Interactions

Introduces elements of applied quantum mechanics and statistical physics. Starting from the experimental foundation of quantum mechanics, develops the basic principles of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. Introduces quantum theory of radiation, time-dependent perturbation theory, transition probabilities and cross sections. Applications are to controlling coherent and decoherent dynamics with examples from quantum information processing.


Information for Fall 2010

Below is the website for Fall 2004 -- For more recent years, look on stellar.
Fall 2004 Syllabus and class information.


Cohen-Tannoujdi "Quantum Mechanics"
A. Peres "Quantum Theory and Concepts"
Ballentine "Quantum Mechanics and modern developments"
W. Harrison "Applied Quantum Mechanics "
Nielsen, Chuang "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information"
J. Preskill Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

- First 5 classes: It is all in one file, since I made some corrections in the old notes.
- Some notes on the interaction picture
- Lectures 6 and 7
- Lectures 8 and 9
- Lectures 10-12 (Coherent states etc.)


Preskill's Problem Set #2 and solution: do problems 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5
Preskill's Problem Set #3 and solution : do problems 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Disclaimer: I am not sure you can print this out, you can try from the original ps files in Preskill website.
Oct 6 HW (written by Michael)
HW on spinor (written by Vered)
Solution for the problem of the 2-level system evolution (from Ketterle course on AMO, problem #2)

Solutions of the practice exam (1)
Solutions of the practice exam (2)


Information Storage and Retrieval Through Quantum Phase J. Ahn, T. C. Weinacht, P. H. Bucksbaum
Does Rydberg State Manipulation Equal Quantum Computation? D. Meyer - P. Kwiat, R. J. Hughes
Wave/particle duality of C60 molecules Markus Arndt, Olaf Nairz, Julian Vos-Andreae, Claudia Keller, Gerbrand van der Zouw & Anton Zeilinger
Diffraction of Complex Molecules by Structures Made of Light Olaf Nairz, Björn Brezger, Markus Arndt, and Anton Zeilinger
Demonstration of single-electron buildup of an interference pattern A Tonomura, J Endo, T Matsuda, T Kawasaki, H Ezawa
Investigating a qubit candidate: Spectroscopy on the S-1/2 to D-5/2 transition of a trapped calcium ion in a linear Paul trap H. C. Naegerl, Ch. Roos, D. Leibfried, H. Rohde, G. Thalhammer, J. Eschner, F. Schmidt-Kaler, and R. Blatt
Quantum Teleportation Bennet, Brassard, Crepeau, Josza, Peres ans Wootters

Papers for presentations

I have found some papers of interest for the presentations:
Entanglement distillation for pure states and for noisy channels (look also at the erratum).
The original EPR paper
Entanglement eraser, W vs GHZ states and an experimental implementation
Quantum Games. Another paper is this one
Spinor behaviour with neutrons, with NMR and a more recent paper.
I have a hard copy for the Mach-Zender interferometer (ask me)
Deutsch and Jozsa algorithm: Rapid Solution of Problems by Quantum Computation.
You can also see an implementation (and a presentation of the algorithm) in this paper.