Professional Development Committee Chair Colas Schretter


Welcome to the Professional Development Committee!






- Organize networking events, orientation sessions and career-building workshops;

- Help postdoctoral researchers find their future jobs and career opportunities;

- Establish mutually rewarding mentoring relationships with members of the MIT community;
- Support paths towards independence and leadership;

- Promotes ethical conduct of research.



The professional development committee has a budget of  $10,000 for the 20122013 MIT school year. Twice a year, the committee members review applications and award conference travel grants.





Your questions, suggestions, ideas and initiatives are very welcome, just drop a line to the professional development committee chair ( and join us. We can book a room for a seminar; organize group discussions, thematic conferences, networking events with companies, ... Your contribute will be very appreciated by the whole postdoctoral community at MIT.




Professional Development Committee Members


Colas Schretter, chair (

James Chen (

Javier Prieto (

Jason Lee (

Magdalini Papadaki (




Colas Schretter is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT and currently works in collaboration with the Martinos Center at the MGH hospital in Boston. He was awarded Marie Curie fellowships for both his Ph.D. from Otto-von-Guericke University and postdoc at RWTH Aachen University.