Dear Postdocs,

Wish you all a Very Happy and Productive 2013!!

The Journal of Postdoctoral Research, JPR, a publication reflective of the quality of postdoctoral research work, is scheduled to go liveJan 20th 2013. We plan to publish 12 monthly issues a year with at least 10 papers per issue. This will be a face of postdocs' contribution to ongoing research in ANY field. We are currently seeking submissions, both Review and original research papers, for the upcoming issues. The submission to acceptance time-frame for a well written Review is generally around 6 weeks. If submitted by end Jan, it goes into the March issue, if submitted by end Feb, it goes into the April issue and the like..

We plan to introduce Postdoc of the Month feature in the coming weeks. Please feel free to nominate your fellow postdocs deserving of such a recognition by sending across all relevant info with an appropriate subject line. We are constantly looking for postdocs to serve on the editorial board and interested postdocs can complete their profile at

The cooperation and encouragement from every postdoc is very critical in making this initiative aniconic peer-reviewed international publication reflective of the quality of postdoctoral research work. Please forward this message to your fellow postdocs within and outside the institution you are currently affiliated with.

For any concerns please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the editorial board anytime.

Thank you.


Partha Ramasastry,
Managing Editor,, a Journal of postdoctoral Research and Postdoctoral Affairs.
For more information please feel free to navigate A broader view of the journal can be read at