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Guiyin Xu, Qing-bo Yan, Shitong Wang, Akihiro Kushima, Peng Bai, Kai Liu, Xiaogang Zhang, Zilong Tang, Ju Li

Thin multifunctional coating on separator improves cyclability and safety of lithium sulfur battery

Under Review


Min-Joon Lee, Eunsol Lho, Peng Bai, Sujong Chae, Ju Li and Jaephil Cho

Low-temperature carbon coating of nanosized Li1.015Al0.06Mn1.925O4 and high-density electrode for high-power Li-ion batteries

Nano Letters, accepted in press, [ Link | PDF ]

Kai Liu, Peng Bai, Martin Z. Bazant, Chang-An Wang and Ju Li

A soft non-porous separator and its effectiveness in stabilizing Li metal anodes cycling at 10 mA cm2 observed in situ in a capillary cell

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 4300-4307 (2017) [ Link | PDF ]

Akihiro Kushima, Kang Pyo So, Cong Su, Peng Bai, Nariaki Kuriyama, Takanori Maebashi, Yoshiya Fujiwara, Martin Z. Bazant and Ju Li

Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy observation of lithium metal growth and dissolution: Root growth, dead lithium and lithium flotsams

Nano Energy, 32, 271-279 (2017) [ Link | PDF ]


Peng Bai, Ju Li, Fikile R. Brushett and Martin Z. Bazant

Transition of lithium growth mechanisms in liquid electrolytes

Energy & Environmental Science, 9, 3221-3229 (2016) [ Link | PDF | MIT News | Green Car Congress ]

Jongwoo Lim, Yiyang Li, Daan Alsem, Hongyun So, Sang Chul Lee, Peng Bai, Daniel Cogswell, Xuzhao Liu, Norman Jin, Youngsang Yu, Norman Salmon, David Shapiro, Martin Z. Bazant, Tolek Tyliszczak, William Chueh

Origin and hysteresis of lithium compositional spatiodynamics within battery primary particles

Science, 353, 566-571 (2016) [ Link | Perspective | PDF ]

Peng Bai and Martin Z. Bazant

Performance and degradation of a rechargeable lithium-bromine fuel cell using highly concentrated catholytes

Electrochimica Acta, 202, 216-223 (2016) [ Link | PDF ]

Jihyung Han, Miao Wang, Peng Bai, Fikile Brushett and Martin Z. Bazant

Dendrite suppression by shock electrodeposition in charged porous media

Scientific Reports, 6:28054 (2016) [ Link | PDF ]


Peng Bai, Venkat Viswanathan and Martin Z. Bazant

A dual-mode rechargeable lithium-bromine/oxygen fuel cell

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3, 14165-14172 (2015) [ Link | PDF ]

Yi Zeng, Peng Bai, Raymond Smith and Martin Z. Bazant

Simple Formula for Asymmetric Marcus-Hush Kinetics

Jounral of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 748, 52-57 (2015) [ Link | PDF ]







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  • Peng Bai, Venkat Viswanathan and Martin Z. Bazant. A Solid-Electrolyte-Enabled Lithium-Bromine Flow Battery. The 66th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Taipei, Taiwan, October 4-9, 2015.


  • Peng Bai and Martin Z. Bazant. Mixed Ion-Electron Transfer Kinetics at the interface of nanomaterials for energy storage applications. International Symposium on Electrocatalysis: Explorations of the Volcano Landscape, Whistler, BC, Canada, October 26-29, 2014.
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  • Peng Bai and Martin Z. Bazant. Electrochemical Kinetics in Lithium Ion Batteries: Interdisciplinary Understanding and Multiphysics Modeling. The 17th U.S. National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, East Lansing, MI, June 15-20, 2014.
  • Peng Bai and Martin Z. Bazant. Charge Transfer Kinetics in LiFePO4 Porous Electrodes: Butler-Volmer Equation vs. Marcus Theory. 225th ECS Meeting, Orlando, May 11-14, 2014 [ECS]


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  • Peng Bai, Daniel A. Cogswell, Guangyu Tian, Quanshi Chen and Martin Z. Bazant. Current Dependence of Phase Separation during LiFePO4 Battery Discharge. 219th ECS Meeting, Montreal, Canada, May 1-6, 2011 [ECS]


  • Peng Bai, Matthw Pinson, Daniel Cogswell, Katsuyo Thornton and Martin Z. Bazant. Theory of Phase Transformations in LiFePO4. 218th ECS Meeting, Las Vegas, October 10-15, 2010 [ECS]

  • Peng Bai, Daniel Cogswell, Gerbrand Ceder and Martin Bazant. Lithium Intercalation Dynamics in Phase Separating Particles. 15th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB), Montreal, Canada, June 27-July 3, 2010 [ECS]


  • Peng Bai, Guangyu Tian and Quanshi Chen. Capacity Loss in Different Charge/Discharge Cycles of Lithium Ion Batteries. 24th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS), Stavanger, Norway, May 12-16, 2009 [EVS24]


Ph.D. Thesis

  • Peng Bai, Electrochemical Mechanism and Mathematical Modeling of Lithium Iron Phosphate Nanoparticles (Chinese), Tsinghua University, 2012 [PDF]
    Advisors: Guangyu Tian and Martin Z. Bazant
    Collaborators: Xiangming He and Jianbo Zhang


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