The People's Choice Cuts: 2001-3000


Myrrh, frankincense, and
SPAM: the gifts of two wise men
and one complete fool.
--Chris Fishel,


Taco Bell comes out
with new SPAM chimichangas.
Run from the border!
--Bob Roberds,


"Slavery is freedom" "War
is peace" "SPAM is food"
--Chris Fishel,


In Shakespeare's SPAMlet:
Shouts at Ophelia, "Get thee
to a cannery."
--Chris Fishel,


If Schrödinger's cat
eats the SPAM, uncertainty
is out the door: dead.

O Terrible SPAM!
You're not a carcinogen.
You're cancer itself.

--Holly Jenson,


Old retired jocks to
star in ads for new SPAM Lite.
"Tastes filling!" "Less great!"
--Bob Roberds,


SPAM treat: smart pâté,
or meat parts, or ma's pet rat;
spells and smells the same.

New brand: Chia SPAM.
Meat and greens in every bite.
Hormel, we'd buy it!

--Bruce D. Sidlinger, Bruce@Sidlinger.COM

O'er black bubbling vat,
Snout, ears, feet, and fat. This, that.
Witches cackle, "SPAM!"

--William Routhier,


Republican SPAM:
It's the same old pork in a
fancier new can.
--Andy Dustman,


After scrutiny,
methinks it is doggie food.
I eat on all fours.
--Dan Beeder,

Queasy, greasy SPAM
Slithers without propulsion
Across a white plate.


Born in World War Two.
Hogs marching off to battle.
Dressed in tin armor.
--Marc Frattasio,

At the abbatoir
Scythes and grinders groan. Outside
Hormel's barrow waits.

--Mike O'Connor (K.M.O'Connor),

Is putting SPAM on
The engendered feces list

--Barrie Collins,

When I was a kid
Mom would make SPAM casserole.
Now she denies it.

--Bob Roberds,

Patio slime trails
Are not from snails but anxious
SPAMs seeking escape.

--Mike O'Connor (K.M.O'Connor),


Cop beats up migrants
Heading for "jobs" at Hormel.
Meat tenderizer.
--Martin Booda,


Cheeks pink as primrose,
SPAM-sculpted. Sweetly dimpling,
Pig-malion smiles.
--Paula S. Jordan,

Churchill on SPAM: "A
riddle wrapped in a myst'ry
wrapped in some pink gel.".

--Chris Fishel,

Evita eats a
slab of SPAM, sings "Don't Cry For
Me, Minnesota."

--Chris Fishel,

Thanks again to the anonymous panelists for helping me select among 1000 haiku, to Phil Erickson for writing the vote tallying cgi script, and to Alec Proudfoot ( for hosting the ballot box.

John Nagamichi Cho, a.k.a. The SHAM /

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