The People's Choice Cuts: 4001-5000


Tastes like ham, sorta
But clogs up my aorta
Pig rigor morta
--Bill Muse


"Slow down," she whispered,
now guiding my trembling hands,
"Turn the key slowly."


Eating SPAM is like
Having two tongues in your mouth,
And swallowing one.
--Francis Heaney,


Perfection uncanned
Like a beautiful redhead
Fresh from her trailer
--John Mitchell,


SPAM farts from the can
Then three hours later, I fart.
Mute pigs speaking twice.
--Brian "Briku" Mitchell,

The grim sucking sound
Of the SPAM shucking its skin,
Its hard blue cocoon.

--Francis Heaney,

Spock scans the pink meat.
"It's life, Jim," he tells Kirk, "but...
not as we know it."

--John M. Debevec (Hitman),


Once separated,
The sow rejoins her children
In a small blue can.
--John Mitchell,


SPAM and Tang dinner.
Meal most feared by astronauts.
"Open the trash, HAL."
--Monique Johnson


I opened a can.
Inside there was a small snout.
"Not again," I moaned.


Slice it paper thin.
Stick it on my window panes.
The room glows pinkly.
--Maria Demetris


SPAM and stomach flu
My floor becomes a canvas
In 10 shades of pink
--Brian "Briku" Mitchell,

With the empty can
Held up to my ear, I hear
The sound of the sty.

--Francis Heaney,


"Roger, I just can't
believe we're talking about
the same food," says Gene.
--Bob Roberds,


Fifty blocks of SPAM
A giant PEZ dispenser
Crowned with a pig's head
--John Mitchell,


Somewhere a black hole
Consumes everything in sight;
A blue can sails by.
--John Mitchell,


They break down the door
As he opens the SPAM can.
The rabbi exposed!
--John Mitchell,

See how the fish dive
For the greasy flecks I flick.
See how the fish float.

--John Mitchell,


On my brown lunch bag,
A spreading translucent spot--
SPAM again today.
--Francis Heaney,

SPAM by candle light
What could be more romantic?
Open the Night Train

--John Mitchell,

Thanks again to the anonymous panelists for helping me select among 1000 haiku, and to Phil Erickson for writing the vote tallying cgi script.

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