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SPAM-ku: Tranquil Reflections on Luncheon Loaf
by John Nagamichi Cho

By Jessica Lyons

Ate three cans of SPAM,
But there’s still room for Jell-O.

I love this country.

And we love John Cho’s collection of Spam-ku (Spam-related haiku). Cho, a researcher at MIT and the Spam Haiku Archive Master, or S.H.A.M., has been selflessly preserving Spam-ku for future generations since 1995. Three years later, his compilation numbers 162. And we didn’t even know that many people actually eat cubed pig in a tin. We recommend this fleshy compilation to anyone who likes these pink loaves, sings about Spam with Monty Python or simply relishes the taste of some finger-lickin’ good poetry. Vegetarians beware.


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