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9.357 Topics in Vision Science: Natural Scene Statistics
Time: Tuesdays, 4-5:30; Location: NE20-445
Prof. Edward Adelson

How are images different from other 2-D arrays, and how does that influence the way the humans and machines process them? The seminar includes readings from research in human vision, machine vision, neural networks and image de-noising.

Date Topic Paper (pdf) Presenter Notes Blog
9-Sep Course Introduction - Edward Adelson      
16-Sep Natural Image Statistics and Neural Representation Simoncelli & Olshausen, 2001 Edward Adelson Notes    

Information and Neural Codes

Attneave, 1954 (2.1M)

Laughlin, 1981 (0.5M)

Benjamin Balas,

Edward Adelson

30-Oct Texture Discrimination, I

Barlow, 1961 (2.4M)

Beck, 1981 (5.4M)

Mark Histead,

Ruth Rosenholtz




07-Oct Texture Discrimination, II

Malik & Perona, 1990 (1.2M) or (4.2M)

Heeger & Bergen, 1995 (1.1M)

Ruth Rosenholtz

Johnan Winawer

Roland Fleming



Rosenholtz, 2000 (1.4M)

14-Oct Show & Tell: hands on intutition day Bring your own demo!

Johnan Winawer

Roland Fleming

21-Oct Show & Tell II More demos

Aaron Andalman, Yuanzhen Li, Philip Meier, Lavanya Sharan

Aaron's Filters

Philip's Textures

28-Oct Learning Low-Level Vision

Primary: Freeman & Pasztor, 2000 (4.8M)

Supplimentary: Efros & Freeman, 2001 (8.9M) *

Bill Freeman  *can skim the Efros and Freeman paper    
04-Nov Surface Reflectance Estimation and Natural Illumination

Dror & Leung, 2001 (0.4M)

Dror & Adelson, 2001 (0.9M)

Edward Adelson      
11-Nov No Class No Class - Veterans Day    
18-Nov How Realistic is Photorealistic?

Farid and Lyu, 2003

Lyu and Farid, 2002

Hany Farid       
25-Nov Canceled Canceled   Thanksgiving Week    
02-Dec - - Antonio Torralba      
09-Dec How could statistics be used in graphics?

Bae & Durand

Fredo Durand      
16-Dec How do temporal associations influence representation?

Wallis, 2001

Hurri, 2002

David Cox      



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