Recent talks

June 2023, Generative Models for Computer Vision Workshop at CVPR: Generative Models as Data++
April 2023, Robotics Institute Seminar, CMU: Structures and Environments for Generalist Agents
December 2022, Robotics Seminar, MIT: Giving Robots Mental Imagery
October 2021, Samsung AI Forum: Data++: Exploring Model-Based Data for AI
June 2021, L2ID Workshop at CVPR: When and Why Does Contrastive Learning Work?
Feb 2020, Embodied Intelligence Seminar, MIT: Emergent Intelligence: Getting more out of your agents than you bake in
Feb 2017, University of Washington: Learning to See Without a Teacher

Talk slides

Nov 2022, BMVC Keynote When faking your data actually helps -- Learning vision from GANs, NeRFs, and Noise
June 2022, Artificial Social Intelligence Workshop at CVPR: Three Lessons from Computer Vision, for Social Intelligence:
June 2022, MultiEarth Workshop at CVPR: Hallucinating Multiview Data for Computer Vision