Schedule academic year:

Thursday, October 9:  Lawrence Blum (U. Mass, Boston)
Title: "Visual Metaphors In Iris Murdoch's Moral Philosophy"

Thursday, November 13: Sarah Song (MIT)
Title: "Reexamining the Conflict between Feminism and  

Thursday, December 11: Lydia Moland (BU)
Title:  "Moral Integrity and Regret in Nursing"

Thursday, February 12: Susan Okin (Radcliffe Institute)
Title:  "Justice and Gender: An Unfinished Debate"

Thursday, March 11: Mary Kate McGowan (Wellesley)
Title:  "On Pornography: MacKinnon, Speech Acts
            and ‘False’ Construction”

Thursday, April 8: Ishani Maitra (Syracuse University)
Title:  "The Moral and the Political"

Thursday, May 13: Verity Smith (Harvard) (with Tracy Strong)
Title:  "Trapped in A Family Portrait?  Gender and Family in Nietzsche's
            Refiguring of Authority."

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