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Topics in the History of Philosophy (Spring 2016): Justice and Political Economy 1668-1975.

Instructors: Sally Haslanger and Rachel McKinney
Days/Time: MW 1:30-3
Location: 4-251

This course will provide a selective historical survey of some philosophical approaches to questions of political economy and justice. Political economy is the integrated study of the relationships of government, political processes, property, production, markets, trade, and distribution from the standpoint of assessing these arrangements with respect to human welfare and justice. We will explore several traditional issues political theory, such as: the proper relations between individuals, the state, society, and the economy; the distribution of burdens and benefits throughout society; freedom and equality; the relation between individual well-being and the common good; and the proper goals of state action. We will also consider how political economy interacts with the history of imperialism; slavery; gender oppression; globalization and distributive justice; immigration policy.

Some of the major historical figures we will read include: Hobbes, Locke, Smith, Rousseau, Wollstonecraft, Marx, Mill, Douglass, DuBois. We will also consider some contemporary political theorists such as Rubin, Pateman, Mills, Young, Sen, Nussbaum, Anderson.

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