IAP 1998

IAP 1999

THE MIT PHILOSOPHY SECTION PRESENTS: Nine lectures in philosophy and a birthday party

Tuesday Jan 12:

"What's So Bad About Circular Definitions?"
Stephen Yablo

Thursday Jan 14:

"Some Puzzles and Paradoxes for Decision Makers"
Robert Stalnaker

Tuesday Jan 19:

"Games You're Sure to Lose: or Is Rational Decision-Making a Lost Cause?"

Vann McGee

Thursday Jan 21:

"What Is the 'Hard Problem' of Consciousness?"

Alex Byrne

Friday Jan 22:

"A Problem in Ethics"

Judith Thomson

Monday Jan 25:

"The Realities and Unrealities of Race"

Sally Haslanger

Wednesday Jan 27 and Thursday Jan 28: Is there a God?

Session 1 (Jan 27): "The Argument from Design"

Roger White

Session 2 (Jan 28): "The Problem of Evil"

Adam Elga

Friday Jan 29: A Symposium to Commemorate Frege's 150th Birthday

Michael Glanzberg
Richard Cartwright
Richard Heck

All talks and the Frege symposium are in room 37-212.

All talks are from 2-4pm and the Frege symposium is from 2-6pm.

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