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Alex Byrne is chair of the philosophy section. He did his graduate work at Princeton before arriving at MIT in 1994 via a postdoc at Caltech. His main interests are philosophy of mind (especially perception and consciousness), epistemology (especially self-knowledge), and metaphysics (especially color). He also dabbles in other areas, including philosophy of language, metaethics, and Wittgenstein.

Topics of some recent papers include skepticism, personal identity, and knowledge of one's intentions. He has written a number of papers on color with David Hilbert of the University of Illinois at Chicago; they also edited the two-volume collection Readings on Color for MIT Press. Alex recently edited (with Judith Thomson), Content and Modality: Themes from the Philosophy of Robert Stalnaker, and (with Heather Logue) Disjunctivism: Contemporary Readings. He is working on a book, Transparency and Self-Knowledge.

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