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Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on fridays at 3:30 pm in room 32-d461 (directions to 32-d461 and the department). This schedule is subject to change.

For more information, please contact Sophie Horowitz. For information about talks co-sponsored with Women's Studies, contact

Some colloquium papers will be available on this page in pdf (viewable in adobe acrobat reader).

October 14:
Moral Reasoning pdf
Gilbert Harman, Princeton University

November 4:
Phenomenal Consciousness Overflows Cognitive Access
Ned Block, NYU

December 2:
Is there an existential selection effect?
David Manley, University of Michigan

February 17:
Meaning, Understanding and Normativity
Hannah Ginsborg, University of California Berkeley

March 9:
Quasi-Realism and the Problem of Unexplained Coincidence
Jamie Dreier, Brown University

March 23:
Working to Conversational Rule: Deniability and Pedantry in Antagonistic Contexts
Elisabeth Camp, University of Pennsylvania

April 13:
Against parthood
Ted Sider, Cornell University

April 27:
Is evidence about one’s own doxastic states inert?
Maria Lasonen Aarnio, University of Michigan

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