MIT Philosophy Colloquia

Fall 1999

September 24:

"What Do We Refer to When We Say 'I'?"
Peter van Inwagen, University of Notre Dame

September 27*:

"Scepticism and Sensitivity"
Timothy Williamson, University of Edinburgh

*Note (time change): the 27th is a Monday--the talk will begin at 4.00

October 1:

"Kant and Kierkegaard on the Individual"

Hilary Bok, Pomona College

October 29:

"Revenge of Zeno"

John Norton, University of Pittsburgh

November 12:

"Four Puzzles About Mathematics in Search of an Explanation"

Charles Chihara, University of California at Berkeley

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays at 3:30 pm in E56-270.

Please contact James John ( or Joshua Flaherty ( for more details.
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