MIT Philosophy Colloquia

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Spring 2000

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays at 3:30 pm in E56-270. NB: this Friday's talk by David Lewis is in a different room: 56-114.

Please contact James John ( or Joshua Flaherty ( for more details.

February 4:

"Rethinking Kant's Hedonism"
Barbara Herman, University of California at Los Angeles


February 11:

"Indeterminacy, Degree of Belief, and Excluded Middle"
Hartry Field, New York University
We hope to reschedule later in the semester

March 3:

"Question Begging and Epistemic Warrant"

Martin Davies, Oxford University

March 10:

"Real Numbers and Quantities"

Bob Hale, University of Glasgow

March 31:

"The Value of Life"

Joseph Raz, Columbia University

April 14:

"Mythical Objects"

Nathan Salmon, University of California at Santa Barbara

April 28:

"Things Qua Truthmakers"

David Lewis, Princeton University

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