MIT Philosophy Colloquia

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Spring 2001

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays at 3:30 pm in bldg. E51 room 151.

Please contact Tyler Doggett ( or Elizabeth Harman ( for more details.

February 23rd:

Moral Assessment and the Agent's Point of View

Thomas Scanlon, Harvard University

March 2nd:

A Desire of One's Own

Michael Bratman, Stanford University

March 9:

Descriptions in Desire Ascriptions
Delia Graff, Princeton University

March 16:

Friends, Reasons, Morals
David Gauthier, University of Pittsburgh

April 13:

Normative Practical Reasoning

John Broome, Oxford University

April 20:

Suggestions From Physics for Deep Metaphysics

Tim Maudlin, Rutgers University

April 27:

Values, Conditioned and Conferred

Rae Langton, University of Edinburgh

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