MIT Philosophy Colloquia

Spring 1998

February 20:

"'Yes' and 'No'"
Ian Rumfitt, University of Michigan

February 27:

"The Use Theory of Meaning"
Paul Horwich, University College London

March 6:

"Is a Substantive Theory of Truth Possible? - A New Perspective on Field's Critique of Tarski"

Gila Sher, University of California, San Diego

March 13:

"Harmony for Metaphysical Naturalists"

Huw Price, University of Sydney

April 24:

"Locke's Primary/Secondary Quality Distinction: Mechanism and Metaphysics" (provisional title)

Lisa Downing, University of Pennsylvania

May 1:

"Evolution of Inference"

Brian Skyrms, University of California, Irvine

May 8:

"Nonconceptual Self-Consciousness: Perspective and Access" (provisional title)

Susan Hurley, University of Warwick, UK

All talks are on Fridays, in room E51-372 at 4pm

Please contact Agustin Rayo ( or Adam Elga ( for more details.
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