MIT Philosophy Colloquia

Spring 1999

February 12:

"Truth and Contradiction"
Graham Priest, University of Queensland

February 26:

"The Content of Belief"
Michael Thau, UCLA

March 5:

Will Kymlicka's talk "From Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism to Liberal Nationalism" has been cancelled (because of transportation problems), and will be rescheduled asap.

April 9:

"Why Compositionality Won't Go Away: A Discussion of Horwich's "Deflationary" Proposal"

Jerry Fodor, Rutgers University

April 16:

Daniel Nolan's talk has been cancelled.

April 23:

"On Being in a Quantum Mechanical Superposition"

David Albert, Columbia University

Thursday May 6 (changed from May 7):

"How Bad is it to Die?'

Jeff McMahan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays, in room E56-270 at 4pm.

Please contact Sarah McGrath ( or Matti Eklund ( for more details.
Colloquia Fall 1998
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