MIT philosophy: colloquia spring 2003

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Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays at 3:30 pm; room E52-175 ** PLEASE NOTE ROOM CHANGE **

Please contact Roxanne Fay ( or Eric Swanson ( for more details.

Some colloquium papers will be available on this page in PDF (viewable in adobe acrobat reader).

February 7:
"Experiencing Still Photographs: What Do You See and How Long Do You See It?"
Kendall Walton, University of Michigan

February 21:
"Feminism and Multiculturalism: No Simple Question, No Simple Answers."
Susan Okin, Stanford University

March 14:
"On qualification: The semantics of 'as'-phrases" [handout in PDF]
Zoltán Szabó, Cornell University

March 21:
"Is Strength of Will Reasonable?" [background paper in PDF]
Richard Holton, Edinburgh University

Note: The paper Richard Holton will be presenting is a development of the last section of the background paper

April 11: **this talk has been cancelled**
"Time and Experience."
Sean Kelly, Princeton University

April 18:
"Constitutive Coincidence is Mereological Difference"
Laurie Paul, University of Arizona

May 9:
"Time and Experience." [handout in PDF]
Sean Kelly, Princeton University

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