MIT philosophy: colloquia spring 2004

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Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on Fridays at 3:30 pm in room 56-114.

Please contact Selim Berker ( or Dilip Ninan ( for more details.

Some colloquium papers will be available on this page in pdf (viewable in adobe acrobat reader).

February 6:
"Freedom according to Sen"
Philip Pettit, Princeton University

February 27:
"Can Desires Provide Reasons for Action?"
Ruth Chang, Rutgers University

March 5:
"How Should We Understand Bias in Scientific Explanations?"
Elisabeth Lloyd, Indiana University

April 2:
this talk has been cancelled
Peter Railton, University of Michigan

April 9:
"Necessary Connections and the Problem of Induction" pdf
Helen Beebee, University of Manchester

April 30:
this talk has been cancelled
Crispin Wright, University of St. Andrews/NYU/Columbia

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