MIT philosophy: colloquia spring 2005

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Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are on fridays at 3:30 pm in room 32-d461 (directions to 32-d461 and the department).

For more information, contact Lauren Ashwell ( or Heather Logue ( (For more information about talks co-sponsored with Women's Studies, contact

Some colloquium papers will be available on this page in pdf (viewable in adobe acrobat reader).

February 18:
"Terrorism and Several Moral Distinctions"
Frances Kamm, Harvard University

March 4:
"An Internalist Refutation of Fallibilism"
Ram Neta, University of North Carolina

March 11:
Ernest Sosa, Brown University

April 22:
"Numbers and electrons"
Cian Dorr, University of Pittsburgh

May 6:
"The disjunctive conception of experience as material for a transcendental argument"
John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh
note: this talk will be held in building 32, room 155 at 4pm

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