the MIT department of linguistics and philosophy presents:

Psychology, Morality, and Other Minds

trolley problem

Friday, November 17th

The Stata Center, 32-D461

An interdisciplinary conference at the intersection of psychology and philosophy, featuring cognitive scientists from Harvard and MIT

All welcome

provisional schedule

1.00-2.10 Marc Hauser (Harvard), "The logic and evolutionary origins of a moral grammar"

2.10-3.20 Liane Young (Harvard), "Emotion and moral judgment: neuropsychological evidence"

3.20-3.40 break

3.40-4.50 Joshua Green (Harvard), "Emotion, cognition, and the Trolley Problem"

4.50-6.00 Rebecca Saxe (MIT), "It's the thought that counts: fMRI studies of theory of mind and moral reasoning"

6.00-7.00 reception, L&P 8th floor lounge


(Image immorally taken from "Blood on the tracks".)

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