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The group discusses working papers in metaphysics and epistemology broadly construed (including philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of math and logic, history of analytic philosophy, and so on). It's open to grad students, faculty, and visiting members of the Harvard and MIT philosophical communities.

Papers are available (sometimes) on this web page in Adobe Acrobat PDF; hard copies are in Robbins Library at Harvard, and in the file cabinets on the 9th floor at the MIT department.

For more information, to be notified of forthcoming meetings, or to volunteer a paper you're working on, please contact Romelia Drager



Note to contributors: Please email a copy of your paper (or its URL) to Alex Byrne (abyrne@mit.edu) for posting on this webpage, and also email or deliver a copy to Romelia so they can make it available for photocopying. Please format the electronic version in PDF, as this ensures that everyone has the same formatting, page breaks, special symbols, etc. If you can't make a PDF file, just send a Word file or whatever you have.

How to find the Harvard meeting place

Emerson Hall is the main Harvard philosophy building, in Harvard Yard.

How to find the MIT meeting place

MIT meetings are held at the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, which is in the Dreyfoos Building in the Stata Center on Vassar Street (directions). Facing the Stata Center from Vassar Street, the entrance to the Dreyfoos Building is on the right (map). Meetings are either held in d461 (fourth floor) or d831 (eighth floor).

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