Ethics is the study of questions about how we should live and how things should be. For example:

This concentration will give you a variety of different theoretical tools to help ask and answer such questions.

1. The Requirement

Students must take three of the following courses:
21A.216J: Dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics
21A.660: Reproductive Politics and Technologies
21L.450: Literature and Ethical Values
STS.011: American Science: Ethical Conflicts and Political Choices
24.02: Moral Problems and the Good Life
24.04J: Justice
24.06J/STS.006J: Bioethics
24.120: Moral Psychology
24.231: Ethics

At least one of the three must cover ethical theory (24.02, 24.04, 24.120, 24.231). A concentration proposal must be approved by the Ethics Concentration Advisor. If appropriate, the Ethics Concentration Advisor may approve courses other than those listed above.

2. Application Forms

Concentration credit in philosophy is obtained by first filing a proposal form with the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy and afterwards submitting a certificate of completion form. Proposal and completion forms are available at the department office in 32-D808, the office of the HASS Requirement in 12-126, or through UAAO in 7-104. Both forms are reviewed and signed by the ethics concentration advisor. When the completion form is filed, it must be accompanied by a copy of the Registrar's transcript or grade report that gives proof that the subjects have been completed with a passing grade. Please circle the three subjects on the submitted transcript or grade report.

3. Consultation

Professor Rayo is available for consultation. Please contact him at 617-253-2559 or for an appointment. Please feel free to leave all relevant forms and grade reports in the main office, Bldg. 32-D808 for Prof. Rayo's signature.

Ms. Jennifer Purdy in 32-D812 (x3-9372; will also be glad to be of help, both in giving general information and in directing students to the faculty advisors.

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