MIT philosophy: MITx courses

We have three online philosophy courses, each of which is offered once a year. We give certificates and awards for high performance in these courses. The courses are hosted by edX, an online learning destination and MOOC provider founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012.

Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness

Learn how to ask and answer big questions. Pursue a verified certificate to have your work graded and commented upon by professional philosophers. (start date: June 20, 2018)


Paradox and Infinity

An introduction to highlights from the technical side of philosophy--from the higher infinite to Gödel's Theorem. (start date: June 6, 2018)


Minds and Machines

An introduction to philosophy of mind, exploring consciousness, reality, AI, and more. The most in-depth philosophy course available online.

MITx Philosophy Award

Students displaying exceptional performance on MITx's philosophy MOOCs are eligible for the MITx Philosophy Award. High-School students are eligible for both the MITx Philosophy Award and the MITx High School Philosophy Award. See below for profiles of past winners.

2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to the three winners of the MITx High School Philosophy Award, for outstanding performance in 24.00x.

Sophia Diggs-Galligan
Sophia Diggs-Galligan is a senior at School Without Walls High School in Washington DC. She is an aspiring neuroscientist and she has worked at the National Institutes of Mental Health and the GWU Lab for Evolutionary Neuroscience since 2016, researching differences in the connectivity of chimpanzee and bonobo amygdalae, as well as DISC-1 polymorphisms in chimpanzees. She is also a published poet, and has been writing a poem every day since her 15th birthday. Sophia is interested in just about anything. and is excited to embark on new adventures in college.
Max Li
Max was born and raised in suburban Toronto, and is currently a Grade 11 student. He has a great passion for Model United Nations and robotics and a 'smaller' passion for curling. Presently he intends to pursue engineering in post-secondary. He looks forward to carrying with him the ideas he has found in 24.00x to his continued pursuit of knowledge, personal development, and self-discovery. And he will keep these words, of David Hume, in mind: "We shall at least, by this means, be sensible of our ignorance, if we do not augment our knowledge."
Nicholas Sudarsky
Nicholas is a high school Junior from the West of Ireland. He is interested in science and electronics. He enjoys building things from scratch and sharing this passion with others. As a volunteer mentor at the CoderDojo Computer Club, he helps to teach a Digital Makers (electronics) class.

He loves intellectual challenges. He finds philosophy interesting as it gives him a chance to think about complex problems and come up with answers to them using methodical and logical arguments.

He enjoys traveling and speaks four languages: English, Irish, French and Russian.

Windsurfing is his favorite sport. He trains with his team all year round. As a volunteer in the local windsurfing club, he helps to teach kids various water sports.

He has a very clever Jack Russel Terrier called Martin, who he named after Paul McCartney's dog, Martha. He is a huge fan of The Beatles, AC/DC and Dire Straits.