Required Subjects for Linguistics Track

24.901 Language and Its Structure I: Phonology
24.902 Language and Its Structure II: Syntax
24.903 Language and Its Structure III: Semantics and Pragmatics
24.918 Workshop in Linguistic Research (CI-M)

One of the following three Linguistic Analysis subjects:

24.909 Field Methods in Linguistics (LAB, CI-M)
24.910 Advanced Topics in Linguistic Analysis (CI-M)
24.914 Language Variation and Change (CI-M)

One of the following three Philosophy subjects:

24.09 Minds and Machines (CI-H)
24.241 Logic I
24.251 Introduction to Philosophy of Language

One of the following five Experimental Results subjects:

24.904 Language Acquisition
24.905J Psycholinguistics
24.906J The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism (CI-H)
24.915 Linguistic Phonetics

Restricted electives for Linguistics track

A coherent program of three additional subjects from linguistics, philosophy, or a related area.

Contact Information:

Kai von Fintel | Undergraduate Officer |

Required Subjects for Philosophy track

24.251 Introduction to the Philosophy of Language (CI-M)
24.260 Topics in Philosophy (CI-M)

One Logic Subject

24.118 Paradox and Infinity
24.241 Logic I
24.242 Logic II
24.243 Classical Set Theory
24.244 Modal Logic
24.245 Theory of Models
or a logic subject from another department (e.g., Mathematics) with the approval of the major advisor.

Two of the following Knowledge and Reality subjects:

24.05 Philosophy of Religion (CI-H)
24.08J Philosophical Issues in Brain Science (CI-H)
24.09 Minds and Machines (CI-H)
24.111 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
24.112 Space, Time, and Relativity
24.115 Philosophy and Time
24.211 Theory of Knowledge
24.215 Topics in the Philosophy of Science
24.221 Metaphysics (CI-M)
24.253 Philosophy of Mathematics
24.280 Foundations of Probability

One of the following four subjects:

9.65 Cognitive Processes
24.903 Language and Its Structure III: Semantics and Pragmatics
24.904 Language Acquisition
24.905J Psycholinguistics

Restricted electives for Philosophy track:
A coherent program of four additional subjects, at least two of which must be in Linguistics and Philosophy, approved by the major advisor.

Contact Information:

Tamar Schapiro | Undergraduate Officer & Advisor |

MIT linguistics & philosophy
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