Pappalardo Fellows

Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2016-2019

RICHARD FLETCHER, Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2016-2019

Name: Richard Fletcher

Title: Pappalardo Fellow in Physics


Phone: (202) 390-4608

Address: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. 26-359
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Area of Physics:

Atomic Physics

Research Interests

Richard Fletcher is interested in using ultracold atomic gases as model systems for studying collective quantum phenomena, such as superfluidity. During his Ph.D., he studied the interplay between different phase transitions which can occur in two-dimensional quantum fluids, where the absence of long-range order makes this a subtle question. In addition, he addressed a regime of extremely strong interactions, in which the scattering between particles is maximized.

At MIT he plans to combine these concepts, and use the tools of ultracold gases to investigate the physics of a very strongly interacting quantum gas confined in two dimensions.

Biographical Sketch

Fletcher completed his undergraduate studies at Cambridge University in the UK, before spending a year at Harvard University as a Frank Knox Fellow. He returned to Cambridge for his Ph.D., working with Prof. Zoran Hadzibabic. He grew up in Chester, UK.

Selected Publications

  • R. J. Fletcher, R. Lopes, J. Man, N. Navon, R. P. Smith, M. W. Zwierlein, and Z. Hadzibabic, Two- and Three-body Contacts in the Unitary Bose Gas, Science 355, 377 (2017).
  • R. J. Fletcher, M. Robert-de-Saint-Vincent, J. Man, N. Navon, R. P. Smith, K. G. H. Viebahn, and Z. Hadzibabic, Connecting Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless and BEC Phase Transitions by Tuning Interactions in a Trapped Gas, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 255302 (2015).
  • R. J. Fletcher, A. L. Gaunt, N. Navon, R. P. Smith, and Z. Hadzibabic, Stability of a Unitary Bose Gas, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 125303 (2013).
  • A. L. Gaunt, R. J. Fletcher, R. P. Smith, and Z. Hadzibabic, A superheated Bose-condensed Gas, Nature Phys. 9, 271–274 (2013).
  • S. Beattie, S. Moulder, R. J. Fletcher, and Z. Hadzibabic, Persistent Currents in Spinor Condensates, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 025301 (2013).

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