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Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2015-2018

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Name: Itamar Kimchi

Title(s): Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2015-2018


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Area of Physics:

Hard Condensed Matter Theory

Research Interests

Itamar Kimchi studies interacting quantum systems in two and three dimensions, primarily within the context of electrons in solids. He is especially interested in exploring the topological and entangled phases of matter that can sometimes emerge.

As a condensed matter theorist, Kimchi strives to work closely with experimental groups. His recent interests focus on systems with strong spin-orbit coupling. This includes correlated insulating magnets with heavy magnetic elements, such as iridium oxides, as well as topological semi-metals.

Biographical Sketch

Itamar Kimchi did his Ph.D. work with Prof. Ashvin Vishwanath at the University of California, Berkeley. His undergraduate studies, in physics and mathematics, were done here at MIT. Kimchi was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and grew up there and in Rockville, Maryland.

Selected Publications

Quantum oscillations from surface Fermi-arcs in Weyl and Dirac semi-metals.
A. C. Potter, I. Kimchi and A. Vishwanath.
Nat. Comm. 5, 5161 (2014).

Three-dimensional quantum spin liquids in models of harmonic-honeycomb iridates and phase diagram in an infinite-D approximation.
I. Kimchi, J. G. Analytis and A. Vishwanath.
Phys. Rev. B 90, 205126 (2014).

Noncoplanar and counterrotating incommensurate magnetic order stabilized by Kitaev interactions in gamma-Li2IrO3.
A. Biffin, R.D. Johnson, I. Kimchi, R. Morris, A. Bombardi, J.G. Analytis, A. Vishwanath and R. Coldea.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 197201 (2014).

Kitaev-Heisenberg-J2-J3 model for the iridates A2IrO3.
I. Kimchi and Y. Z. You.
Phys. Rev. B Rapid 84, 180407(R) (2011).

Featureless and non-fractionalized Mott insulators on the honeycomb lattice at 1/2 site filling.
I. Kimchi, S. A. Parameswaran, A. M. Turner, F. Wang and A. Vishwanath.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 110 (41): 16378-16383 (2013).

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