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George B. Benedek Group
Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Physics and Biological Physics in the Department of Physics
Professor of Physics and Health Sciences and Technology in the
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
77 Massachusetts Avenue,
Rm 13-2010
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Phone: (617) 253-4826


Jennifer J. McManus
Postdoctoral Associate

  1. J. J. McManus, A. Lomakin, M. Basan, A. Pande, O. Ogun, J. Pande and G.B. Benedek , Altered phase diagram due to a single point mutation in human gD crystallin, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, 104 (43), 16856 (2007)

               Also see commentary: George M. Thurston,
               "Protein anisotropy turns solubility on its head",
               Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (2007), 104 (48), 18877 [PDF]
  1. B. Khaykovich., C. Hossain, J. J. McManus, A. Lomakin, D. E. Moncton, and G. B. Benedek, "Structure of cholesterol helical ribbons and self-assembling biological springs" Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 104, 9656-9660 (2007) [PDF].

  1. J. J. McManus, J. O. Rädler, K.A. Dawson, Observation of a Rectangular Columnar Phase in a DNA-Calcium-Zwitterionic Lipid Complex, J. Am. Chem. Soc126 (49): 15966 (2004)

  1. J. J. McManus, J. O. Rädler, K.A. Dawson, Phase Behaviour of DPPC in a DNA-Calcium-Zwitterionic Lipid Complex studied by SAXS, Langmuir 19 (23): 9630-9637 (2003)

  1. J. J. McManus , J. O. Rädler, K. A. Dawson , Does Calcium Turn a Zwitterionic Lipid Cationic? J. Phys. Chem. B  107 (36): 9869-9875 (2003)

  1. D.M. McLoughlin, J.O'Brien, J.J. McManus, A.V.Gorelov, K.A. Dawson, A simple and effective separation and purification procedure for DNA fragments using Dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide, Bioseparation9 (5) 307- 313.(2001)

  1. D.M. McLoughlin, J.J. McManus, A.V.Gorelov, K.A.Dawson, DNA complexes with cationic surfactant in mixed solvents: the influence of excess surfactant and salt, Progr.Colloid Polym Sci115: 186 - 191.(2000)


Oct. 2008-present        SFI Stokes Lecturer
                                   Department of Chemistry, NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
                                   Visiting Scientist, MIT

2005- Sept. 2008          Postdoctoral Associate,
                                   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA 02139, USA.

2004                            Postdoctoral Fellow,
                                   Department of Physics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

1999-2003                    Ph.D., Chemistry
                                   Department of Chemistry, University College Dublin, Ireland.
                                   Thesis title: Structure, Phase Behaviour and Aggregation of a DNA, 
                                   Divalent Cation, Zwitterionic Lipid Complex.

May-Nov 2001             Visiting Student
                                   Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany.

1999                           B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.)
                                   University College Dublin, Ireland.