Fermi-Edge Resonance and Tunneling in Nonequilibrium Electron Gas

Dima Abanin MIT

Abstract: Fermi-edge singularity changes in a dramatic way in a nonequilibrium system, acquiring features which reflect the structure of energy distribution. In particular, it splits into several components if the energy distribution exhibits multiple steps. While conventional approaches, such as bosonization, fail to describe the nonequilibrium problem, an exact solution for a generic energy distribution can be obtained with the help of the method of functional determinants. In the case of a split Fermi distribution, while the `open loop' contribution to Green's function has power law singularities, the tunneling density of states profile exhibits broadened peaks centered at Fermi sub-levels.
  reference: D.A. Abanin, L.S. Levitov, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 186803 (2005)